Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time Magazine Person of the Year is "The Protester"

"The protester" has been named Time magazine's person of the year, according to the magazine's editor.

"These are folks who are changing history already and will change the future," Time editor Richard Stengel said on Today.

One would think that if this is an honest recognition of large and effective protests that the article would have recognized the Tea Party movement as the beginning in 2009 of popular uprisings against government corruption and fairness for all. But, one would be wrong. Of course, this is a liberal publication and the Tea Party movement was made up of mostly fiscally conservative individuals and therefore, not worthy of proper credit. Does Time Magazine think the world was not watching as citizen activists in our own country arose and demanded better of their government? Apparently so.

After chronicling the rise in protests during the Arab Spring, which has continued into the Arab Summer and the Arab Autumn and the Arab Winter, it took the magazine to get to page two online before the words Tea Party appear. And, of course, we are to believe it all really began with Barack Obama's election. Who, by the way, was Time's 2008 Person of the Year.

In each place, discontent that had been simmering for years got turned up to a boil. There were foreshadowings. In the U.S., the Obama campaign was in part a feel-good protest movement that galvanized young people, and then its shocking success and the Wall Street bailout produced an angry and shockingly successful populist protest movement in the Tea Party, which has far outlasted its expected shelf life. In 2009, after the regime in Tehran denied the antiregime election results, millions of Iranians, especially young ones, protested for weeks. The Web and social media were key tactical tools in all three instances. But they seemed at the time to be one-offs, not prefaces to an epochal turn of history's wheel.

So the "angry" Tea Party citizens are acknowledged to have been successful and far longer running than expected by liberal America, kinda, and the beginning of all of this demonstrating for freedom and a better way of life is really due to the rise of Barack Obama.


Let's check back and see who the Person of the Year was in 2009, the year the Tea Party began as a recognized movement. That person was Ben Bernanke. And, in 2010, after a truly historic avalanche of Republican victories across the country and returning the House of Representatives to Republican control, who was the Person of the Year? Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook guy and Obama fan. So, there ya go.

Now that the liberals have the Occupy Wall Street protesters to embrace, suddenly the Protester is worthy of such recognition.

Who would expect anything less from Time?

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