Thursday, December 08, 2011

Support True the Vote and Election Integrity

It was recently reported in the U.K.'s The Guardian newspaper:
"the NAACP will this week present evidence to the UN high commissioner on human rights on what it contends is a conscious attempt to "block the vote"on the part of state legislatures legislatures across the US. Next March the NAACP will send a delegation of legal experts to Geneva to enlist the support of the UN human rights council."


The NAACP, no longer relevent or useful, now wants to claim that voters rights have been abused by Voter ID laws. Only in the land of Democrats would such a move make sense.

The NAACP says voting rights are being whittled down at every stage of the electoral process. First of all, the registration of new voters is being impeded in several states by moves to block voter registration drives that have historically proved to be an important way of bringing black and Hispanic people to the poll.

Four states – Florida, Iowa, Kentucky and Virginia – continue to withhold the vote from anyone convicted of a criminal offence. In Florida, offenders who have completed their sentences have to wait at least five years before they can even apply to restore their right to register to vote.

Across the US, more than 5 million Americans are denied the right to vote on grounds that they were convicted of a felony, 4 million of whom have fully completed their sentence and almost half of whom are black or Hispanic.

Other measures have reduced the ease of early voting, a convenience that is disproportionately heavily used by African-Americans. Even more importantly, 34 states have introduced a requirement that voters carry photo ID cards on the day of the election itself.

Here's a news flash to the NAACP: all voters have to produce photo identification and it is perfectly acceptable to the vast majority of Americans. What don't you have to produce an id for in today's world? We are asked for id to register for school, do banking, make purchases with credit cards in retail stores, register an automobile, buy a home, apply for credit, and yes, to vote. Are all those other acts discriminatory, too?

If you don't like the idea of seeing blue helmets at your polling place, help True the Vote send a clear message to the pack of progressives pressing this subversion of process. They are training volunteers and educating voters from around the country. They are equipping citizens all across the country to help restore integrity to our elections.

Unfortunately, there are countless individuals and organizations out there that would like nothing more than to see True the Vote fail. From fighting new voter identification laws and "forgetting" to remove deceased voters from the rolls to allowing convicts and non-citizens to vote, they have perfected tipping elections in their favor. They'll do whatever it takes to prevent True the Vote from stopping them, from bashing them in the media to calling in the blue helmets of the United Nations.

You can stand with True the Vote to combat election fraud by making the most generous contribution you can afford to help them reach their goal of leaving no polling place unmanned, no registry unchecked.

Go HERE to help.

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Z said...

I've seen election precincts manned with little Jimmy Buffet types, that in itself doesn't help/not without a voter ID card which CAN only vote once in ONE machine that tells ALL OTHER MACHINES he's voted...the ones I see awear sockless shoes, flowered shirts, 'very cool' and are allowing voters to vote without having a domcile in the big book...only to have them sign the Provisional Ballot and go (to the next precinct and try it again because it's very well known no voter workers stand downtown yelling "Cindy Jones voted for Clinton in Westwood, does any other precinct in LA Country have a Cindy Jones who voted?" NO, that does NOT Happen.
{you can vote 100 times in LA and other places in this country)

If we lose in 2012, that's why.

Karen, did you take a break from blogging? Nice to see you and thanks for coming by.z