Thursday, December 29, 2011

The End of the Campaign Road for Michele Bachmann

With only a handful of days left until the Iowa Caucus, Michele Bachmann can't catch a break. Wednesday brought about a firestorm centered around the resignation of her state campaign manager, Iowa state senator Kent Sorenson, who then turned around and endorsed Ron Paul. He did so after having only three hours before attended a rally with Bachmann.


Today her political director resigned, too. Or, he was fired.

Michele Bachmann confirmed Thursday that another key member of her presidential campaign was no longer working for her.

"He quit," Bachmann said of former Political Director Wes Enos. Bachmann was speaking on CNN's "The Situation Room with Wolf Blitzer." The Ron Paul campaign put out a release noting that he was "recently terminated" by the Bachmann campaign.

Seems Enos stuck up for his buddy Sorenson and that didn't go over so well within the campaign. So, he's gone.

Double ouch.

This wouldn't be such newsworthy headlines if it were not just five days out from the caucus. There is no doubt that Sorenson is an opportunist, looking out for himself. But, is that something unusual in politics? Of course not. No one wants to work for a losing candidate. We all love winners.

Michele Bachmann is not going to win the Iowa Caucuses. Congrats on her win of the straw poll conducted last summer, but that was her high water mark. One of her problems is that she comes off a bit unlikeable as she speaks in interviews. I find her to be defensive and that turns into an attack mode persona against the other candidates. She claims she wants only positive vibes in her campaign then launches into the attacks. She calls Romney and Gingrich liberals. She pounces on Perry for crony capitalism. She bashes Santorum as an insider who supported earmarks for his state. She calls Ron Paul dangerous for the country due to his foreign policy craziness.

It's all a bit much.

She is in deep denial about winning the caucuses. She continues to state with complete certainty that she will win yet she is at the bottom of all polls. Among the three evangelical social conservatives competing for the victory at the ballot box, Perry and Santorum being the other two, it is Santorum who is having a last minute surge in the polls. She may get a bit of a bounce from sympathetic voters but that's about all she can hope for at this point.

It is a shame, really, that a better woman candidate didn't come forward to run for the nomination. I am getting impatient waiting for an electable woman candidate to support for the GOP nomination for President. The key word, of course, is electable. Michele Bachmann was never that.

I have heard Bachmann speak in person. She gives a good speech. She is a pro at staying on message and driving home a point. She's just not enough.

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Jo said...

Although I believe one day we will have a woman as president, after the mess Obama has made do you think anyone else wants to take a chance to make history again?

Nope. I love what she stands for and her fire, and whoever wins needs to snatch her up for a cabinet position, but president - not now.