Thursday, December 15, 2011

Obama Campaign Encourages Holiday Hate Among Families

Remember back when Barack Obama was running for President and he was all about bi-partisanship and a new era of civility in politics? Remember those speeches about no red states or blue state but the United States of America? Well, that was then and this is now.

Team Obama, with an eye on re-election, now is encouraging holiday discord among families and friends. They think it will be jolly good fun. As though most holiday gatherings among families aren't tense enough when the subject of politics arises in conversation, Team Obama wants to fan the fires.

Here's their suggestion via email to supporters:

Know someone on Facebook or Twitter who, day after day, populates your feed with the latest right-wing talk-radio chatter? Or your cousin who won’t stop forwarding those chain email hoaxes? It can be frustrating.

So what do you do about it? You can go round and round in circles arguing with them — or you can have a little fun and make them pay. Literally.

Here’s something new: Today, we’re offering you the opportunity to make a donation to the Obama campaign inspired by your favorite conservative friend or relative.

You can choose to send them a note and let them know they’ve moved you to help build President Obama’s 2012 campaign. You can let them know a donation was made in their honor, but not that it’s from you (it will drive them nuts!). Or you can keep the satisfaction to yourself.

Whatever works for you.

By giving, you’re focusing your efforts on making sure we spend the next year having conversations with voters on the issues that matter, rather than the same old arguments that no one wins.

So while your Republican friends are busy anxiously waiting to see what happens in Iowa and New Hampshire next month, make a donation today — and kindly remind them we have our candidate, and we’re proud of it:



Julianna Smoot

Deputy Campaign Manager

Obama for America

P.S. -- If you like this idea, take it to the next level. Tell your conservative friends you’re going to donate $3 to the President’s campaign every time they say something outrageous. It’ll be fun.

Fun. Or just more blatant partisan attacks. You decide.

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