Thursday, March 15, 2012

Dr. Conservative

Found this on Pinterest via Twitter:

Thanks, Chris Percival. Social media runs the world.

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Anonymous said...

Dr. Sense

I do not like when George starts wars
and funnels funds to contractors
Unfunded action by the west
makes more hate and deficits

I do not like deregulation
of the banks that cause inflation
of the housing market bubble
causing years and years of trouble

I don't like when people use
religion to hate and abuse
they don't care one little bit
how that makes them hypocrites

I do not like when folks get lazy
don't bother to refute the crazy
shit "conservatives" make up
conserving nothing but their stuff

I do not like when campaign dollars
go to promote dirty power
Then in officethey sudsidize
oil and make renewable lies

I do not like people misled
to work for those who wan them dead
don't even try to use their heads
repeat the talking points instead

I do not like those who attack
and make shit up because he's black
all the evil partisan hacks
I hope they leave and don't come back