Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's the Trust Issue, Stupid, That Was Highlighted in Open Mic Incident

For a seasoned political person, President Obama sure is showing signs of a person with some issues over open microphones. The latest incident happened recently as he spoke to Russian President Medvedev. It is proof to those who are suspicious of the lack of honesty in the president's behavior towards Americans - the people he serves. It would appear that President Obama just wants to get re-elected and then he can have carte blanche to do as he pleases without worrying about any future elections.

You would never know it by the media's coverage of the international gaffe, as it is buried on pages 11 and 14 on major national newspapers, but the President of the United States asked President Medvedev for "space" until he gets past the upcoming election and then he can work with Russia on the missile defense shield issue. Can you imagine the hysteria if President Bush had been heard pleading for "space" with a foreign leader without presenting his plan to the American people first?

Obama, during a sit-down with Medvedev in Seoul, urged Moscow to give him "space" until after November. The conversation was relayed by a TV pool producer who listened to the recording from a Russian journalist.

"This is my last election. After my election, I have more flexibility," Obama
"On all these issues, but particularly missile defense ... this can be solved but it's important for him to give me space," Obama said.

Not only does Obama presume to expect he will be re-elected in November, but he would like to signal to the Russians that he is willing to overturn the missile defense agreement in eastern Europe. He already has pulled missiles out of Poland.

Obama must answer for this disgraceful gaffe. It is a matter of trust. How can Americans trust him if he continues down this path of arrogance? He does have a history of proclaiming - boasting - that he will re-do agreements. You may remember as candidate Obama in 2008 declared he'd re-do NAFTA and then Canada had to be soothed and reassured that he was all talk.

And the media yawns. The press, however, would have a field day with former President Bush, or any Republican, really, if a Republican had done that. Remember when President Bush was caught on an open mic dropping the f-bomb to Tony Blair as they discussed Hezbollah and Syria? The press played that up for days - how dare President Bush use that word during an international conference! Such tender ears.

Americans are running out of whatever trust there remains for Obama. He has not fulfilled campaign promises from 2008 as most were unattainable. He knew so but he was determined to say whatever it took to be elected. And his voters fell for it all. Hope and Change!

Obama must answer for throwing eastern Europe under the bus. Again.

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