Thursday, March 29, 2012

Sen Coburn Endorses Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate

Wednesday Senator Tom Coburn endorsed Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate. Known for his advocacy of strong fiscal conservatism, Coburn represents a neighboring state, Oklahoma.

“Ted Cruz is a strong conservative and a fighter, not a timid career politician. The fiscal and economic crisis facing our nation is too grave to elect anyone other than a strong conservative fighter. We need Ted in the Senate to stand with us against wasteful Washington spending, the corrupt earmark culture, and the radical Obama agenda.

“Oklahoma and Texas may have our friendly rivalry, but when it comes to fighting for limited government, I’m proud to endorse my neighbor across the Red River. Ted Cruz is exactly the kind of proven conservative that conservatives should rally behind nationally, because we need strong reinforcements to help us defend our free-market system.

“Fiscal conservatives have been badly outnumbered in Washington, but the Senate is right now at a tipping point – send Ted Cruz to the Senate, and we can turn it around. I’m proud to stand with Ted and encourage all friends of liberty in Texas and across the country to support him.”

Texas votes in its primary election on May 29.

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