Friday, May 11, 2012

HCRP Chairman Bloviates on Social Issues

Seriously? This is what brings you out to the media cameras? Harris County Republican Party Chairman Jared Woodfill made the rounds to tout his opposition to President Obama's support of gay marriage. He does enjoy stepping up and speaking if a camera is involved.

This is just another distraction so folks won't focus on 8.1 percent unemployment, gas prices that are close to $4 a gallon, growth that is at two percent and an economy that is just dead on arrival," said Jared Woodfill with the Harris County Republican Party.

At a time when so many GOP candidates have stepped forward and devoted the time out of their ordinary lives to run for office, you would think that the County party chairman would at least support them by showing up for events, much less for debate forums with his challenger for the position, wouldn't you?

I encourage you to look at Paul F. Simpson for Harris County Republican Party Chairman. He will bring enthusiasm, fresh ideas, innovation, modern day technology and grassroots support to the position. Let's not allow the Democrats to take over Harris County.

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