Saturday, May 05, 2012

Roland Sledge for Texas Railroad Commissioner

Frankly, I haven't been paying much attention to the Texas Railroad Commissioner race during this Texas GOP primary season. I have, however, been getting some interesting emails from one candidate all along. That candidate is Roland Sledge. Last night I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Mr. Sledge.

Roland Sledge is running for Texas Railroad Commissioner after a 35 year career as an attorney in the oil and gas industry. He, like me, believes the position requires a person with real life experience in the industry. There is no substitute for common sense and real world experience.

Earlier in the week I listened as a member of his campaign staff spoke on Sledge's behalf at another GOP event. She encouraged everyone to look at the new video put out by the campaign. The video uses a quote from Will Rogers and involves "peeing on an electric fence."

Here is his new video that is getting all the buzz, even with the likes of The New York Times:

We know that there is a real war being waged on the oil and gas industry by the Obama administration. Texas deserves a fighter who will protect jobs and Texas battles with the EPA. America deserves energy independence and common sense solutions.

I support Roland Sledge for Texas Railroad Commissioner.


Anonymous said...

The quote was attributed to Will Rogers, not Mark Twain. Funny ad, nonetheless. ~KLH

Karen Townsend said...

Thanks, Anon! Good catch. I've corrected it.