Saturday, May 26, 2012

United Republicans of Harris County - Not Pay for Play Slate

  Confused about the slates arriving in your mailbox touting recommendations from this group or that group as you head to the poll on Election Day? Most are published by groups known to profit from a corrupt practice called "pay for play". That means in order to secure an endorsement from the organization or individual, the candidate must pay money for an ad in the publication. This runs into the thousands of dollars. For first time or less known challengers to incumbents this money is scarce and needed to do the work of actually campaigning, not enriching a handful of men who wish to boost their egos and bank accounts with an illusion of power in the political process.

    Looking for an alternative? One group actually interviews and researches candidates before endorsing in contested races. Here is their slate:

   The Board of Directors of United Republicans of Harris County is pleased to announce their endorsements in contested races in the 2012 Republican Primary. United Republicans is the only organization to interview and research candidates in contested races in the Republican Primary. The Board of Directors is comprised of activists and business and community leaders with extensive involvement in the Republican Party. The candidate selection process is based on excellent qualifications, experience, commitment to the Republican Party and leadership. United Republicans urges your vote for these "MOST QUALIFIED CANDIDATES" in their respective races. Please visit United Republicans of Harris County to find out more about the organization, our events,etc. United Republicans' Endorsements In Contested Races For The 2012 Republican Primary

  Position                                   Candidate

  U. S. Senate                           David Dewhurst

  U. S. House, Dist. 7               John Culberson

  U. S. House, Dist. 8               Kevin Brady

  U. S. House, Dist. 10             Michael McCaul

  U. S. House, Dist. 22            Pete Olson

  U. S. House, Dist.36            Mike Jackson

  Railroad Commissioner       Roland Sledge

  Railroad Commissioner *    Barry Smitherman          * Unexpired Term

  Justice Supreme Court, Pl. 2   Don Willett

  Justice Supreme Court, Pl. 4   David Medina

  Court of Crim. App., Pl. 8    Elsa Alcala

  State Senator, Dist. 4            Tommy Williams

  State Senator, Dist                Dave Norman

  State Representative, Dist.127   Dan Huberty

  State Representative,Dist.129   John E. Davis

  State Representative,Dist.132   Bill Callegari

  State Representative, Dist.133   Jim Murphy

  State Representative, Dist.138   Dwayne Bohac

  State Representative, Dist.149   Jack Lee

   District Judge, Dist. 11             Michael West

   District Judge, Dist. 61              George May

   District Judge, Dist. 127           Russell Lloyd

   District Judge, Dist. 129           Michael Landrum
                                                    Chris Gillett

   District Judge, Dist. 133           Lamar McCorkle

   District Judge, Dist. 151           Leif Olson  

   District Judge, Dist. 152           Allyson Wilkinson
   District Judge, Dist. 164           Sophia Mafrige

   District Judge, Dist. 174           Robert Summerlin

   District Judge, Dist. 177           Ryan Patrick

    District Judge, Dist. 179          Lana Shadwick

    District Judge, Dist. 337           Renee Magee

   District Attorney                       Pat Lykos

   County Court At Law, #2         Donna Detamore
                                                    Theresa Chang

   County Attorney                       Leslie Johnson

   County Sheriff                          Carl Pittman

    County Tax Assess/Collect.    Don Sumners

   County Commissioner Pct. 4 *   R. Jack Cagle           * Unexpired Term

   JP, Pct. 4, Place 1                      J. Kent Adams

   Constable, Pct. 4                       Ron Hickman

   Constable, Pct. 5                       Phil Camus

   Constable, Pct. 8                       Phil Sandlin

   Harris County GOP Chair         Paul Simpson

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