Sunday, May 20, 2012

Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel Endorses WI Gov Walker

The Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel is not a traditional friend of the GOP, yet here the op-ed is today endorsing the re-election of Gov Walker in his recall election:

We see no reason to remove Walker from office. We recommend him in the June 5 recall election

Walker's rematch with Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett was prompted by one issue: Walker's tough stance with the state's public-employee unions. It's inconceivable that the recall election would be occurring absent that. And a disagreement over a single policy is simply not enough to justify a vote against the governor.

Walker's policies simply haven't been in place long enough to know whether they are to blame. Our view is that global trends, including the turmoil in Europe, have much more to do with whether Wisconsin's companies succeed than the policies of a single politician. We also believe that, at the margins, the yearlong tantrum over Walker has been harmful.

To his credit, Walker has helped to right the state's finances with a minimum of gimmicks - the governor reported recently that the state may be able to book a $154 million surplus next year. This good news has been lost in the clutter surrounding an unnecessary recall election that will cost as much as $18 million just to stage, according to the Government Accountability Board.

The governor also has made a good-faith attempt to shore up the state's economic development efforts through the creation of a public-private entity to head up those efforts, through reform of the state's tort laws, through a series of business tax breaks and by improving Wisconsin's image with business leaders outside the state.

This is a recall without justification. Making tough choices and reining in the beast that is union benefit programs is hard. Gov Walker made the unpopular choices. Union members must make sacrifices along with everyone else when tough times arise.

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