Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Letter From Judge Eckels in Support of Pat Lykos for D.A.

How will you feel tomorrow?

Friends & Neighbors,

Elections have been likened to a tug of war. Although any individual's effort rarely proves decisive, it still makes a real difference--and is vital to achieving victory overall. By this time tomorrow, we will know who has won.

• Will you have grabbed the rope and pulled with all your might?
• Will you have encouraged others to hold on too, and pull along with you?
• Will you feel pride or sadness, satisfaction or regret?

Election Day matters more than all the days of early voting combined. A window is closing. You need to act now, or your opinions will be just that--thoughts and ideas in your head, without any real impact on the world.

Go vote, make your loved ones vote, urge your neighbors to vote, tell your friends to vote, and encourage your coworkers to vote. And tell them why you are voting for Pat Lykos:
• Why Judge Emmett and I are voting for Pat Lykos;
• Why the National Rifle Association and Houston Chronicle are urging you to vote for Pat Lykos;
• Why grassroots bloggers like David "Big Jolly" Jennings are voting for Pat Lykos;
• Why five former U.S. Attorneys are voting for Pat Lykos.

Like me, they know she's kept her promises. They appreciate that the courthouse is no longer a frat house. They are grateful she has helped lead the successful effort to build an an independent crime lab we can trust. They like that downtown union bosses and bureaucrats can't push her around. They respect she's not afraid to step on some toes to get things done. And just as I do, they know in their minds and hearts that life in Harris County will be diminished terribly if the District Attorney's Office is allowed to slide back into the business as usual of the past.

Today, May 29th, is your last day to vote. Polls are open until 7:00 p.m., and you can click here to find your precinct polling location. Pull hard--you'll feel great tomorrow, I promise.

Thank You and God Bless,
Robert Eckels
Former Harris County Judge

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