Thursday, June 28, 2012

Cruz Fights for Full Repeal of Obamacare in Tx Senate Race

U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz opened his remarks on his bloggers conference call Thursday afternoon with, "It's a bad day for liberty".

Ted Cruz believes that the Supreme Court of the United States rewrote Obamacare to turn it into law with the clarification that the legislation is not a mandate for individual coverage but a tax. Chief Justice Roberts cast the deciding vote which left many conservatives scratching their heads. Instead, it is easy to understand what Roberts did. He said that his ruling was not an affirmation that the legislation was right but that if voters didn't agree with it, they should vote in other representatives.

I completely agree. As Ted Cruz pointed out during the conference call, this legislation brings into sharp focus the need for strong conservative Republican victories in November. Not only do we need to oust Barack Obama but the U.S. Senate must go back into GOP control. And, the House must remain in GOP control. Cruz says the decision "underscores the stakes in the Senate race", as the Senate will be the battleground for repealing the law.

Calling Lt Governor David Dewhurst a "good and decent man", he went on to call him a conciliator."Now is not the time for conciliation". He said there will be much pressure in the Senate to be "reasonable" to strike a compromise. Dewhurst would "run not walk to the middle" to strike a compromise. "I intend to fight every word of Obamacare".

Cruz is "not a fan of repeal and replace" because those are "weinie words" to wiggle out of total repeal of the entire bill. He said it is the natural instinct of the GOP to go wobbly and work on compromise.

Instead, Cruz offers some solutions that would empower patients and not government bureaucrats. He suggests health savings accounts and also to de-link health insurance from employment. An employee who loses his/her job should not also lose health insurance coverage.

This ruling by the Supreme Court does in fact draw our attention to the importance of the U.S. Senate races. In Texas, the choice is clear. Do you want a go along to get along Republican or do you want a Republican who has a record for fighting the good fight?

I choose Ted Cruz.

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