Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Cruz Says The Numbers Don't Lie

The latest from the Ted Cruz for U.S. Senate is the chart shown above and entitled "The Numbers Don't Lie". Here is the core of the message:

Here are the numbers. Overall, Cruz has 22,190 donors for his campaign, compared to only 3,023 for David Dewhurst. Indeed, Ted has more donors from the Greater Houston area (3,149) than David Dewhurst has in the entire State of Texas (3,023).

And Cruz’s support is much broader: He has donors from 865 Texas cities, compared to only 235 for Dewhurst. Cruz also has the support of over 200 Texas Federation of Republican Women leaders, almost every single Tea Party leader in Texas, and has won more than 25 straw polls statewide by wide margins.

While the big money lobbyists may go to Dewhurst, ordinary voters from all over Texas are embracing the Cruz campaign. The average donation to Ted Cruz is $168. The average donation to Dewhurst is $1,654. Ted has 26,688 donations under $100. David Dewhurst has 11.

Both candidates live in Houston. Both candidates have wives who are Republican Women.

I don't like the negativity in this race and yet, it is to be expected in today's political climate. Dewhurst is the candidate of the Old Guard Republicans. He is a product, in this race, of "next in line" thought.

I support Ted Cruz because I look at the big picture, at the needs of the party down the road. I do not question the motives of either candidate yet I think Texas is better served with a candidate that will be able to make some noise and make a difference. A younger candidate, Cruz would likely be able to serve a second term or maybe more, if the voters so choose. That is just reality.

This is an interesting study in Old Guard and those benefiting from the system as it stands, and the next leaders within the Texas Republican Party.

It's going to be a long two months until the run-off date of July 31.

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