Friday, June 08, 2012

Obama Says Private Sector Doing "Just Fine"

Friday morning, President Obama made an appearance before the White House press corps and spoke about the economy and his push for some action on his so-called bipartisan solutions to the mess we are in. Not only did he blame everyone under the sun - Europe, Congress, "the worst recession since the Great Depression" - but he also stated with certainty that the private sector is doing just fine.

I kid you not.

I guess if you live in the world of $35,000 per ticket fundraisers, the private sector employment environment looks pretty good.

And, for context, as President Obama pushes more spending to "stimulate" the economy and strengthen the ability of our economy to survive the doom and gloom of the European economic outlook, here is a chart to ponder:

The fact is that the Republican led House of Representatives has passed more than 30 bills now - some with bipartisan support - and they are languishing in the Democrat led Senate. The real obstructionists are the group advising Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid.

The proposal brought forward from President Obama has been sitting in Congress since last November and he has been unable to unite both sides to take the recommendations into action. The basis of his action is to promote federal spending with the thought that this will create more jobs. This is a failure of leadership on his part, not on Congress. The man who campaigned in 2008 on being a uniter for both parties has been the most divisive in modern history.

Now President Obama states that the private sector is "doing just fine". I think most clear thinking Americans would disagree with that statement.

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