Friday, June 15, 2012

Obama Enacts Dream Act by Executive Action

Friday morning an announcement came down that President Obama would hold a Rose Garden photo op to deliver a statement on his decision to allow the Department of Homeland Security the discretion to no longer bother with deporting young adults aged 16-30 in this country illegally with no serious criminal record and currently in school or the military. These young adults would be eligible to apply for work permits.

While President Obama stated on Univision during a March 2011 interview that he didn't have the authority legally to go around Congress and issue an executive order to implement the Dream Act,"prosecutorial discretion" was the reason Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano gave for the President's action.

Oh yeah - don't forget President Obama likes to say his administration isn't really pursuing deportation of young people anyway. If that was the truth, then why would this action be necessary? And, since it is just like Senator Marco Rubio's legislation, why are liberals supporting this measure while criticizing Rubio's? Neither Obama nor Rubio are offering a pathway to citizenship in their policies.

In other words, in order to court the Hispanic vote in November, crucial to his re-election efforts, President Obama has allowed Secretary Napolitano to take the fall for his pandering. And, he is really hoping you will forget that just a few short months ago he acknowledged that he didn't constitutionally have the power to enact this measure.

But that was then. This is now. And now is five months out from his re-election day in November.

Senator Marco Rubio (R-FL) is launching a book next week and he will be making the rounds, doing a lot of publicity for book sales. Team Obama is obviously nervous that Rubio is out there talking about common sense reform measures and that includes putting the reform to a vote in Congress. Obama is looking at his poll numbers and he's sinking in some important states. No doubt this was to shore up support from Hispanic communities in Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, as well as Florida.

Team Obama even got Sec Napolitano to state that this was not a political decision! This whopper came out of the mouth of a woman who has been in politics since 1991.

Senator Rubio is said to be on the short list of those under consideration by Mitt Romney for the Vice-President slot. Is there any wonder that Team Obama is so nervous?


Nixen Paul said...
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Dream Act said...

A lot of people are positive about this Dream Act because it gives hope and opportunity to the undocumented ones to live and work in the US.

Dream Act said...

Good to know, I think it's a good enough policy - giving chance to other people..