Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Gov Walker and Lt Gov Kleefisch Sail to Recall Victories

"This is a big night for all Americans". - RNC Chairman Reince Prebius said in an interview following Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker's victory Tuesday night.

The act of recall was never meant to be taken for the reasons it was taken in Wisconsin against Gov Walker, Lt Gov Kleefisch and four Republican state senators. Instead of for reasons of acts of corruption, or official misconduct as the recall is meant to address, this was all about union revenge. The gravy train of the public sector employees was being reined in and the union bosses were hell bent on revenge. It's as simple as that.

Gov Scott Walker was elected over his challenger in the recall race back in 2010. Milwaukee Mayor Tom Barrett apparently doesn't accept defeat easily.

Exit polls were wildly incorrect. This is a trend that continues after several recent election cycles. Evidently the American voters are no longer willing to leave a voting booth and disclose their actions. Old school media continues to report the exit polls as the gospel, though. It just looks silly and unprofessional in the end. Tuesday night the liberal press and cable outlets were hanging on in vain to positive numbers for Tom Barrett in the recall election. Again, they just looked silly and unprofessional.

Public sector benefits have been reduced to 22% more than those workers in the private sector. When Gov Walker came into office that number was at 26%, so the cuts in place have hardly been the draconian measures taken that the rapidly dwindling union loyalists would have the voter believe. The voters in Wisconsin simply didn't fall for the nonsense being played out.

I heard Governor Walker speak in Austin last January during the Texas Public Policy Foundation (TPPF) annual policy orientation for the Texas legislature. I remember his clear devotion to his family coming through and the hardship they were enduring from personal attacks by Walker's opponents. It was ugly stuff for two teenage high school students to deal with as they attended public school. The attacks on Facebook and social media weren't coming from classmates, mind you, but from adults who opposed their father. Classy.

Here is a statement released by TPPF:

Statement by Brooke Rollins, President and CEO of the Texas Public Policy Foundation:

"When the Texas Public Policy Foundation considered its options for keynote speaker at this year's 10th Annual Policy Orientation for the Texas Legislature, there was no question that Governor Scott Walker was at the top of our list. His fight for accountable government, genuine democracy, and fiscal responsibility in his own state directly reflects the signal national debate of our age. We were privileged to have him join us – and we are tremendously heartened by his victory this evening.

"Governor Walker's win isn't the vindication of a particular political party: it's a victory for the America established by our Founders, where opportunity flourished, the individual was paramount, and our government truly served the people. This battle in Wisconsin is won – but the fight goes on, in Texas and in every other state of our great nation.

"In congratulating Scott Walker and the people of Wisconsin, we do not congratulate them on a fine finish for themselves – but on a superb beginning for America."

Is the Walker victory a bellwether for victory in November for conservatives and Independents? It's too soon to make that call but the signs are looking good.


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