Thursday, July 26, 2012

A Message from Heidi Cruz

This is a compelling message from Heidi Cruz, wife of U.S. Senate candidate Ted Cruz:

Down in the polls and grasping at straws, the Dewhurst Attack Machine is getting more and more vicious. The leading Dewhurst Super PAC—which is run by Dewhurst’s former chief of staff and campaign manager—just began airing a despicable, false ad about my husband Ted that one commentator called the nation’s nastiest ad of the campaign cycle.”
Dewhurst is using the suffering of a grieving mother to try to blame Ted for the death of her son. But Ted had nothing—absolutely nothing—to do with the criminal proceedings surrounding that juvenile prison scandal, and Dewhurst knows it. The attack is a lie.
As a mother of two young girls, my heart weeps for this mother who lost her son. But I am repulsed by a desperate politician willing to exploit her grief to try to falsely claim, in the final days of the campaign, that Ted is responsible for killing children.
Texans are tired of Dewhurst’s desperate lies about Ted.
And Ted needs your help to fight back. Will you please consider an immediate donation to Ted’s campaign so he can defend himself against the Dewhurst attacks?

This has become a pattern. Texans are uniting behind Ted’s positive, optimistic message, and Dewhurst responds by spending over $10 million of his own money on relentless false attacks on Ted’s character, patriotism, and integrity. This is wrong.
I know Ted better than anyone else. I love Ted. He’s a loving husband and father, and he is running a principled, honorable campaign. I am asking you personally to please help Ted defend himself from these shameful attacks.
In this final week, we need to raise an additional $1 million to combat “the nastiest ad of the campaign cycle” on television.
Six days to go. We will win this – with your help and your incredible support.
Just this morning a Houston Chronicle column pointed out David Dewhurst’s “maddening tendency to deny inconvenient facts.” Please contribute what you can right away to help us fight back. Many thanks!

You may have noticed that Heidi Cruz is under attack from those who are desperately counting on a Dewhurst win. Her professional career - admirable and successful - seems to be fair game for the nasty attacks in this campaign. Imagine - Republicans who traditionally stand for hard work and leadership in the community now are so twisted up in blind ideology as to attack a candidate's wife's career.

Early voting continues through Friday at 7:00PM.  Election day is July 31. Please vote.

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