Monday, July 16, 2012

Cruz Campaign Responds to Vicious Dewhurst Attack

This is an email I received today from the David Dewhurst for U.S. Senate campaign:
Ted Cruz was fined the maximum penalty by the U.S. Senate Ethics Commission for breaking the law and failing to submit his Personal Financial Disclosure. Now, Texans are learning what Cruz was hiding. Ted Cruz is representing Robert Mericle, a child-exploiting, judge-bribing felon of the infamous “Kids for Cash” scandal
A video was attached and a button to share it on Facebook. Then it continued:
Is there anybody Ted Cruz won’t represent if the price is right? Mericle was involved in a bribery scheme that paid judges to sentence thousands of children to his private jails. After Mericle pleaded guilty, Ted Cruz chose to represent him and argue in court that he shouldn’t be required to pay for his scandalous and reprehensible actions. Not only was Ted Cruz hiding in his disclosure that he was still feeding from the trough of Chinese intellectual property thieves, he was hiding his work for an architect behind one of the worst offenses of judicial malpractice in American history. Every parent in Texas should be appalled that Ted Cruz would choose profit over principle. A shameless profiteer who would not have the best interest of our children in mind is not worthy of office. Sincerely, Megan Hanson Dewhurst for Texas
So we know that Team Dewhurst is feeling the pressure that comes with creeping desperation. Recently, one poll was released showing Ted Cruz up over Dewhurst by 9 points. The Dewhurst folks denied the importance of that poll as it was, in fact, a Cruz campaign internal poll. But, just a few days later, two more polls came out with much the same results. One polling company in particular - PPP - is a liberal leaning polling company. This camapaign was nasty enough without this latest fuel to the fire. The header to the email was: Texas Parents Beware! I'm not kidding. In response to this disgusting email, the Ted Cruz campaign offers the following:
Quick Facts: 1. Ted had NO INVOLVEMENT WHATSOEVER with any criminal proceedings involving Robert Mericle or the Pennsylvania prison scandal. 2. Ted has always been completely transparent about his clients—Mericle has been listed on Ted’s public disclosures FOR OVER A YEAR, since May 2011. 3. The only matter Ted worked on was a civil appeal of a breach of contract case between Robert Mericle and a private insurance company, NOT THE MATTERS DEWHURST CLAIMS. SUMMARY David Dewhurst’s latest attack is yet another shameless distortion of the facts. At no time has Ted ever represented construction company owner Robert Mericle in either the criminal or the civil ligation stemming from the alleged misconduct. Ted has only represented this individual, Robert Mericle, in litigation with a private insurance company. On the same day that two independent polls verified that Dewhurst is losing the runoff, he amplified his consistent pattern of trying to deceive Texas voters about his own record and Ted Cruz. Dewhurst lied about Ted on China and amnesty – and then he covered up his own previous support for amnesty for everyone “here today illegally” by directing state employees to delete his amnesty speech from his official, taxpayer-funded website. After spending over $13 million in false attacks on Ted, Dewhurst has lost all credibility. His latest attack is falsely attempting to tie Ted to Robert Mericle’s involvement in a Pennsylvania juvenile detention facility scandal. But Ted’s legal work had nothing to do with the underlying criminal scandal; instead, he simply worked on a civil appeal between Mericle and an insurance company.
Check out the web page for yourself and learn the truth. Early voting begins in seven (7) days. I encourage you to vote for Ted Cruz. Can't make the early voting days next week? Then go on election day, July 31. Just vote, fellow Texans. It's important.

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