Monday, July 23, 2012

Contributions Come to Light in Harris Co Sheriff Campaign

Who exactly is the source of the big money in the Louis Guthrie for Harris County Sheriff campaign? This may come as a surprise to all those holier than thou supporters but it sure looks like a rather unwholesome entrepreneur is a very generous lender and contributor to Mr. Guthrie. As has been pointed out HERE it would appear that Mr. Guthrie is supported by the adult entertainment industry. That would make sense, given the open secret of personal lives on the campaign trail, wouldn't it?

For those so quick to judge the personal life of Carl Pittman, perhaps those same sanctimonious opiners should look a bit more closely into the private life of the candidate they support. It's right there in front of them, apparent at each and every campaign event, even. Don't know what I am talking about? Shame on you, if you are one of these supporters so blindly supporting one over the other on moral grounds.

Now, add to the reality on the ground that of the money trail of campaign contributions to the Guthrie campaign and it all adds up. The argument that Guthrie's bad marks are only professional - as though that is something to be proud of in a personnel file - and not of a personal nature isn't really the whole story. The difference is that the Pittman campaign has been focused on the issues and not on vicious personal attacks to win an election. Sometimes taking the honorable approach in politics isn't the winning strategy.

We all are worse off for that reality.

There has been some less than discreet racism in this primary and that should be honestly acknowledged, too. The good old boys don't like Mr. Pittman's rapport with audiences and his ability to listen to the people. There is a segment of the population that is desperately clinging to the notion that we just need to maintain the good old boys network and let the status quo be. 

That is why we are where we are, my fellow Harris County Republicans.

I have been discouraged, to say the least, at the conduct on display during this last GOP primary cycle. The campaigns have been ugly and street gutter level politics not seen locally in quite some time. What are we becoming?  Democrats? It is the Democratic party that is the master of the politics of personal destruction towards opponents. 

Whether it was the Harris County D.A. race, the U.S. senate race, or this Harris County sheriff race, the level of borderline libel is despicable. Make no mistake - repercussions will be felt for some time down the road. To allow this behavior to continue will only weaken the party.

Some of us have fought for too many years for this to happen.

We know that the pay for play game has completely corrupted the primary voting cycle. We know that some candidates claim that they do not participate in that system yet they certainly do. If a candidate is allowing a political consultant to make the contribution on behalf of the campaign, it is still participating in the system. Saying otherwise to appear pure to a voter is simply deceitful.

I'm supporting Carl Pittman in this race. I take Mr. Pittman's experience into account and his personal performance in service to the community. I do not have to worry that he has so little common sense as to shut down a small business over an alleged theft of $17 by anyone, even his own wife, and then that accusation is found to be false. Maybe that is why the professional infractions of Mr. Guthrie are so heavy on the mind of some voters.  He was fired by the Harris County department and now works in Liberty County. The division he claimed to work for in Liberty County is in dispute as to whether it even really exists. Why would a candidate who feels qualified for the office embellish a professional record?

Yes, personal lives point to the character of an individual. The ugly claims against Mr. Pittman have been explained, disputed and spoken to by his ex-wife and his present wife. His ex-wife has contributed generously to his current campaign. I take them at their word, as I do any two people in a relationship. To proclaim the moral superiority of a candidate usually leads to disappointment. No one is perfect. Is a candidate who cheats on his wife ok? Or is that contempt only reserved if a report is filed - motives be damned?

I look at how a candidate is living today. Is that candidate living an honorable life?  Do I have the impression that the candidate truly wants to serve his/her community?  Do I think the candidate is capable of being a humble servant?

To whom is that candidate beholden? Think about that question as you cast your vote.

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