Tuesday, July 24, 2012

My Recommendations in Primary Run-Off Races

From the looks of the voter tally coming from Harris County Clerk Stan Stanart's office after the first day of early voting, the turn-out will be quite low, just as predicted in this primary run-off election. What does this mean to you, the Harris County voter? It means you have a golden opportunity to make your voice truly heard. With such low numbers, each vote really does count.

I usually participate in early voting because it is more likely to be hassle free than actual election day voting. My polling place is an elementary school next to the entrance to our subdivision and it is hectic to get in and out of there, to say the least. Finding a parking spot alone is a challenge. Early voting allows me to go at my convenience and then I don't have to worry about making it there later.

So, now that I have encouraged you to go vote, here are some recommendations:

U.S. Senate: Ted Cruz
Railroad Commissioner:  Warren Chisum
Railroad Commissioner (unexpired term) : Barry Smitherman
Justice Supreme Court, Place 4:  David Medina
District Judge 129th District Court :  Michael Landrum
District Judge 152th District Court:  Janet Townsley
Harris County Sheriff:  Carl Pittman

I've written at length about the U.S. Senate race. I fully support Ted Cruz. I want fresh blood, clear debating skills, and a passionate voice representing me in Washington, D.C.  I'm looking long term for the Republican party and future viability.

I've seen Michael Landrum consistently on the campaign trail. He makes all the gatherings and he engages everyone in conversation with a warm smile and handshake. He is a good listener.  He has the experience necessary to do the job.  His disposition will be an asset on the bench.

I've written about the Harris County Sheriff's race, too.  I support Carl Pittman. It is perhaps the nastiest race I've seen, ever, in Harris County and that is saying something. The worst part is that it is Republican on Republican hate. I'm supporting the man who stayed as positive as humanly possible against the good old boys network that simply doesn't want to see the opponent in office. They want someone to be "our" sheriff, according to one blogger and that is a real racist dog whistle. Republicans have fought for too long in the arena of ideas to be dragged down by ugly racist campaigning. If Guthrie's supporters don't think his record of incompetence and poor judgement on the job - and his termination from working in Harris County - won't be the main issue in the November race against the sitting Democratic sheriff, they are delusional.

I encourage you to look at the candidates. Make your choices and go vote. It's important.

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