Tuesday, July 10, 2012

RNC Launches Jobs Outsourced by Obamanomics Website

The Republican National Committee (RNC) launched a new website today which puts into map form the "stimulus" monies that have gone overseas, though we as taxpayers were promised this money would create millions of American jobs here.
Over his four years in office, Obama promised that he would focus on creating "jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced." However, as he racked up trillions in new debt, billions of dollars did go to create jobs that were outsourced or spent overseas. Whether it is electric cars made in Finland or solar panels in Mexico, taxpayers would be astonished to learn that their hard earned money went abroad for jobs that weren't created in the United States.
The interactive map can be found HERE

Back in October, 2008, then candidate Barack Obama said the following:
"And I will invest $15 billion a year in renewable sources of energy to create five million new energy jobs over the next decade - jobs that pay well and can't be outsourced; jobs building solar panels and wind turbines and a new electricity grid; jobs that will help us eliminate the oil we import from the Middle East in ten years and help save the planet in the bargain. That's how America can lead again."
How confident Barack Obama was in his ideas of how to get our failing economy back on track. He thought all he had to do was blame George W. Bush and the Republicans for everything and leave it all to the Democratically controlled Congress to pass laws from their grand ideas and he would implement them. It was the last gasp of ultra liberal 1960's ideology. Instead, he allowed billions to be wasted in the name of job creation. Barack Obama does not understand economics and he certainly does not understand job creation. We will be paying for Barack Obama's arrogance and ignorance for quite some time.

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