Wednesday, October 19, 2005

As The Worm Turns

In a rapidly changing Iraq today, Saddam was brought to his first trial along with other henchmen, making him the first person in the Middle East to be brought before a tribunal of his fellow countrymen. The times, they are a'changin'. Slowly but with more speed than our own country started off. It took America about 10 years to produce a Constitution, the Iraqis only two years. The naysayers claim it has no real meaning. What a slap in the face to the brave people who risked their lives to vote. How easy for a psuedo-intellectual sitting in his or her comfortable easy chair in the good ole US of A to play at being a history writer for the country of Iraq. Some simply refuse to accept any good news at all due to blinding political dogma. How sad that they would put politics above the security of their own country and the budding freedom in that pocket in the Middle East.

Update to a recent entry about the high school kids here that attended the not a Million More March in DC. The writer of the article in the Houston Chronicle did respond to my funding question after I sent a second email asking the same question. Did she think I would just give up? She said the kids who could afford it paid their own way. The other trips were paid for by local business people. Now I want to know which businesses sponsor such field trips for local students. I sent the info along to a local newspaper kind of blog online here. They are very interested in the story and hope to pursue it. We'll see what happens.

Go Astros!


ChrisJoel said...
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JB said...

Someone in the media mentioned yesterday something about "reinstating democracy in Iraq" and I was like "what?"

When did they have it in the first place? I hope it works out but I am not hopeful.

srp said...

The people of Iraq certainly have more intestinal fortitude than we do. I believe they have even more than the people had in 1776. Quite a few people living in "America" then did not want freedom from England. And the king of England never had men, women and children in whole towns and villages wiped out. Our forefathers fought for our freedom, but their fight, what they were up against can't compare to what the people of Iraq were up against.

Complete 180 here: I went to Calumet High School, Gary, Indiana and was a freshman in 1966. But then we moved to PA so I didn't graduate there. Small world.

Swingin80 said...

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AC said...

The pictures from the initial vote of Iraqis, the women, particularly, with the ink-stained fingeres were so astonishing to me! I don't understand the naysayers either and as srp says, the general lack of knowledge of OUR OWN NATION"S history is way too evident in the media.

JB said...

I think everyone's struggle is equally as violent. I mean our forefathers didn't have to deal with Muslim terrorists but for them the struggle was just as violent and just as important.

AC said it well too....the Iraqis who braved the possibility of being murdered, forged ahead and voted, because they knew their future depended on it.

Our future depends on it but the problem is it's like the lesser of two evils anymore.