Monday, September 10, 2007

He Wrote the Book

Fair warning: I'm worked up and not taking it with grace today. This won't be pretty.

Today, how appropriate that on 9/10 the Joint Committee on Iraq, comprised of the House Armed Forces Committee and the House Foreign Affairs Committee, listened to the report offered by General Petraeus and Ambassador Crocker. I am so ashamed of fully half of the elected officials sitting on that panel, I can only record it and hope I'll be able to release it as the evening goes on.

Before the General and the Ambassador gave their opening testimonies, the congressmen read opening statements. The first to set the tone of the side of the Dems was Ike Skelton, chair of the Armed Forces Committee. He's from Missouri, is old, and speaks as though it pains him to exert the energy. He told the two men he thought they were fresh out of credibility and only spouting the administration's message. The evil, lying administration, you know. I am happy to say I missed out on the original site of the spewing forth as I was attending a meeting this morning and away from home. Rep. Tom Lantos, chair of the Foreign Affairs Committee told the General the same on credibility and basically called him a lying shill for the President and the Pentagon. Santos is Hungarian by birth and still has a very heavy accent in his speech. You'd think he'd be a little more grateful to the U.S. military. Too bad he wasn't sent to a gas chamber. Ingrate.

Rep. Duncan Hunter asked if the congressmen could at least give the General a few minutes of assuming he is telling the truth and what he really sees happening on the ground. He wanted to know if that was too much to ask. Well, yes it was. In response to the defeatists trying to get out in front of the report last week by labeling it the Bush Report, as if they didn't make the law on how the report was to be handled, General Petraeus opened with "This is my report." He made it very clear that he was the author, not the White House.

None of the Dems bothered thanking the General or the Ambassador for their service for our country. All of the Republicans began their questioning time with spoken gratitude. But the Dem support the troops.

Sylvestre Reyes, the Chair now of the Intelligence Committee, a former Border Patrol guard in south Texas who didn't even know the difference between a Sunni and a Shiite when he took chairmanship of the committee, actually asked Ambassador Crocker a question using some statics of success on the ground and asked, "That's not as good news as it seems, is it?" Actually wanting bad news, as he vocalized for the world to hear.

The hysterics of Rep Robert Wexler were unreal. He raised his voice to a loud level, jabbed his finger at General Petraeus and flat out accused him of cooking the books on the troop levels needed and other statics. He deserves to be flogged. Publicly.

He was not using his inside voice. He supports the troops. Wink, wink. You'd think a Jew from Florida would be a little more concerned about the future of Israel.

Rep. Ros-Lehtinen of Florida, a Cuban born resident of Miami with a stepson in Iraq, held up the despicable full page ad in The New York Times declaring General Petraeus as a betrayer. Like Benedict Arnold. Not one Dem on the panel denounced the ad, they said they didn't have to, they didn't publish it.

The operation was leaked in an interview a few days ago. A Democrat operative told a reporter that it doesn't matter what the reports said, the Dems wouldn't have to call the General a betrayer in public, that those behind the scenes would be doing that. Like MoveOn, apparently. The Dems are bought by them and proclaimed them as their property after the last election. The Dems are George Soros' bitches and that has never been more apparent than it was today. Not a single Dem running for President denounced the ad. I'm sure they will all be accepting donations from the organization, led by George Soros as the founder and money man. They are so beholden to him that it is scary. He is a Socialist, proudly saying so, and his goal is the complete downturn in our economy and way of government. It's working out pretty good for him so far as far as the left is concerned.

Dance, puppets, dance.

If you upset the far left defeatists, they will go after you big time. Look what has happened to Rep. Brian Baird of Washington. He's still an anti-war defeatist but after a recent trip to Iraq came back saying he was surprised to see how well the surge is working in some places and beginning to take hold in other places. He's now being threatened with being primaried in the next election.

The left, the defeatists, the Kos Kids, the Soros crowd, are thugs and bullies. They will stop at nothing. There is absolutely no respect for anyone or a different opinion than theirs. I thought they were so progressive. So open to free speech, different thoughts, dialogue. I thought the party of the Dems was a big tent. I thought it was those evil Republicans who were the facists.


If the left was not so heavily entrenched in the position of defeat in Iraq, if they could see beyond their hatred for Bush and Cheney, they would think General Petraeus was a good guy. They have no clue. And, they could not care less about getting a clue. It's all about them. It's not about the country, our way of life. What a bunch of useless, spoiled brats. The 60's are long gone. They are brain dead.

General Petraeus was in Iraq in 2003. He wasn't seeing the war run as he thought it should be run. He wasn't being listened to by Rumsfeld. He continued on with his assessments, his honest opinions, anyway. What happened to him? He was sent to Fort Leavenworth as the commander there and denied a promotion that was due him. We won't get into my thoughts on Rumsfeld. So, what did he do at Fort Leavenworth, with some time on his hands? He wrote the book on counter-terrorism, the insurgency. HE WROTE THE DAMN BOOK. No one has ever questioned his integrity. His integrity cost him a promotion, a new assignment back to the States.

The left are not worthy to be talking to him in the first place. It is surreal that they are so emboldened by the hateful people controlling the puppets that they call this General and the hardworking Ambassador liars, as though this is perfectly normal behavior. Who the hell do they think they are?

I am really disgusted with the Republicans. They should be out every hour, on the hour, expressing support for our military, for the General, the Ambassador, and letting the sun shine on these traitors on the left. Their total contempt for the military used to be hidden behind the scenes. Spoken in private conversations. Sent in draft dodging letters, as Clinton did when he said he 'detested' the military. Then when he and the mrs. got into the White House they used the military guards as butlers, waiters at State Dinners. White trash gone wild.

The left is in 9/10 mode. They think we must get out of the war now. They have absolutely no idea what to do after that. They want us to lose. Why? I have no idea. I can't even wrap my brain around that way of thinking. They are hateful, self-loathing bullies. Absolutely clueless to the big picture. They want to be on the defense, not the offense. They have no worth as human beings in our country. They don't deserve the efforts of our military.

So very 9/10. So very last century.


Paul is a Hermit said...

Hey, Karen, I missed you!

Ann Coulter asked the question today, where does the left want us to fight this war?

I can never drag myself away from what is central to me: These vermin were elected by American people. There is no accusations, other than those against Bush, that there has been a wholesale, criminal activity which put these people into office.
Are they only representative of the people who put them there? That worries me much more than a few cowards ripping brave men apart under the cover of their office. Books have always been written about such men who use the brave deeds of others as cover to get what they want, power, money and brown-nosers.

As much as I join you in condemnation today, I know that Soros and the MoveOn people are only ever encouraged by the ballot box and the weaklings elected for their use. Americans are giving them their power as they gave, you-know-who, in Germany. It can happen here. If not the political outcome, the bloodshed.

vicki said...

Okay- I steeled myself for your take on this. You'll get no fight from me on the political rhetoric flowing cheap and easyon both sides of the table as far as I'm concerned. I felt Petraeus was one of the few informed, sincere voices. On the other hand I have this discussion with my 57 yr old brother-in-law, a special forces colonel with far too many rotations in Iraq and he despairs that we will never get the Iraqis in position to care for themselves and we will never get rid of Al-Qaeda in Iraq. He is the single most "left" member of our family but we take his words and experience seriously: there is no end in sight no matter what the cost to us.

On another note, I was wondering if I would find a reaction to Alive Day Memories, aired on HBO the other evening. Have you seen it?

AC said...

I thought of you yesterday. I tried to amuse myself during *it* with some kind of hypothetical drinking game you and I might play, you know, like every time Ted Kennedy smirks you take a drink kind of game, but in every instance I was hypothetically under the table passed out in 10 or 15 minutes. Regardless of any differnce of opinion between intelligent people, it was unbearably rude.

Its all so depressing. Sometimes I think of buying some of that survivalist food and stockpiling water, dog and kitty chow (and other things )and just waiting.... I couldn't watch most of the rude spectacle - Between Kennedy, Schumer, Lantos et al ad nauseum, its too much.

Maybe Iraq will never be a stable democratic country able to deal rationally with the rest of the world, and maybe alQueda will never be eradicated. So where will they end up, where are they NOW? Ask England or France or Germany how things are going. Between our border issues and the passport-carrying, visa-exempt Western European national mujahideen, it becomes all too evident how fragile is this grand experiment - America.

"When a great team loses through complacency, it will constantly search for new and more intricate explanations to explain away defeat" - Pat Riley

Frasypoo said...

Hi Karen,
I thought of you yesterday ...
Its almost like the Dems cannot see the US as it should be seen...their home.Instead they focus on Bush and all they hate and take it upon themselves to attack anything and everything
Which was a point you mentioned

Beverly said...

Karen, thank you for your voice. I still say that you should be syndicated.

Debbie said...

You did a wonderful job expressing exactly what I feel. I watched the hearings, morning and afternoon, and was very dismayed at what I heard.

The Democrats are the ones who DEMANDED that Petraeus come back and report to them. He didn't want to be there, they TOLD him to be there. What? They needed a whipping boy?

When you insist on someone being present and giving their personal views on something, you don't make up your mind BEFORE they have a chance to express those opinions.

Oh, right. I forgot, that's exactly what the Dems do.

Very nice post.

Michael said...

I thought that Petraeus spoke well, but it was pretty much known in advance what the "Honorable Gentlemen" would think of him and his report.

I wonder, though, how the Skeltons and Lantoses got their superior knowledge of events in Iraq? Are they there, leading soldiers?

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

So very 9/10. So very last century.

That's a clever way to put it; considering they were expressing themselves on 9/10.

Yes, too many of us still have a 9/10 mindset, or wish to go back to those days of obliviousness, that there are radical Islamists out there who are hell-bent on destroying us.

Freedomnow said...

Lets say this is an endless war. Should we stop fighting because of it?

If our enemies wont stop fighting, should we?

Anyone that has suicidal tendencies should get professional help.

That said, the same could be said about any war. How do you know it is ever going to finish? In 1862 how could anyone say how long the war would last? In 1941? Etc…

There has never been an endless war in the history of humanity. All wars throughout history have had an end. Even fortunetellers couldn't predict when that would happen.

The Left is living in a fantasy world. This is reality.

Cajun Tiger said...

Thanks for dropping by my site. Feel free to drop in anytime as there can never be enough Cajuns commenting =)

Great post! It is so sad how much the Dems have invested in our defeat that they even state publically that if things go good in Iraq it is bad for them.