Monday, September 24, 2007


Marcel Marceau died. I'm speechless.

Hillary Clinton, she who must be obeyed, hoisted herself onto her throne in the Clinton estate in New York and held forth with her views of the world and the body politic as it pertains to her candidacy for the office of president. On all five, count 'em five, Sunday morning chat shows. That may be some kind of record.

Hillary presented herself as the professional she is and didn't stray from her script, no matter what the question. She really didn't get any tough questioning, as predicted, and the usual suspects were fawning and drooling over her and her all but certain terms in the Oval Office. Heck, let's just get on with it and oust Bush/Cheney this week and move her in.

"Unless we have people rooting for us all over the world", the U.S. can't battle the war on terror. Well, then let's just throw in the towel now, shall we? Since when have we had people around the world rooting for our country? Maybe in liberal fantasy land.

She was right about one statement, though. She called this upcoming presidential election a 'turning point' election. I absolutely agree. This election, as no other in my life time, will determine the direction of our country. I know that phrase is often used, but it holds true this time around. The differences of the two major political parties couldn't be starker. Do you want to be on the offense or defense against acts of terror coming to this country? What is the tax rate that is acceptable to you and your family's income? Do you want a career government worker in D.C. making your health care decisions? Do you want a potential employer to ask if you have health insurance and if you don't well, that's reason enough to not hire you? How about a 23 year old adult child without standard health insurance and starting out in the world? Does that healthy, invincible human have to be insured to live in this country?

Do the Dems ever stop running against Bush/Cheney? Those two won't be on a ticket in November 2008. It is said that Bill Clinton was taking notes for Hillary as she was doing the interviews. Passing her notes on his suggestions. Wait, I thought it was Dick Cheney who was the puppeteer in politics.

A good article in the Washington Post online yesterday by Chris Cillizza and Shailagh Murray pointed to a recent survey by Celinda Lake, a Democrat pollster. Her poll results show Clinton and Obama behind Giuliani in all 31 House districts currently held by Dems and thought to be in jeopardy in 2008. The main concern is that this will be a drag on Dems retaining the House. "Despite Obama's relative advantage over Clinton, both candidates are significantly under performing against the generic Democratic edge in the presidential and even against party identification." The article said the news continues to worsen as the survey is delved into deeper. Both Obama and Clinton spokespeople down play the poll findings, of course. Never mind Celinda Lake is a respected, usually accurate pollster.

Then I read an article in the Washington Post, again online, that was a lovely little puff piece on their girl, Hillary's mother.

The Hillary roundup ended for me with an opinion piece by one of my favorites, Mark Steyn. He spoke to the points in Hillary's much gushed over health care plan released last week. He spoke to the numbers referred to as uninsured in this country. No one knows the true number. The number is usually quite exaggerated by those offering up a government as nanny plan and a number lessened is produced by those believing in the free market. I noticed not one interviewer asked what she intended to do about the illegal immigrants flooding our medical facilities. By all accounts they number 40% of those not insured. That fact is not one commonly spoken in discussions, though, is it?

Hillary was in a grey/green suit yesterday with a modest string of green gems around her neck. All very sedate. I was relieved to see it was a no-pink day.

Hillary now claims she will no longer vote to fund the war. She used the defeatists' favorite talking point, when questioned how she could leave troops in the field without funding, that to protect them best we must bring them home. Because, the implication was, she knows best. They are to be taken care of by mama Hillary. She and Grandma Mimi will be quite a team.

"...the password tonight is victory or death", General George Washington.


Frasypoo said...

She skirts around issues with ease.
when she and Bill act like they care about each,it makes me want to puke.

Paul is a Hermit said...

You character! Great opening line :)

Hilary is no more than a coached, scripted puppet. Excelling in talking points speeches and controlled environments.
Taken outside of that zone she becomes shrill, angry, and in need of immediate Bill control.

There will be more than a ruling class if a Democrat is elected. I'm just not ready to give up my freedom and sovereignty to the U.N., to The EU, to Islam, to anyone, including Republicans, but Hilary and Obama mean to do just that.

I can't watch those shows anymore, thank you for your perseverance and willingness to suffer.

Debbie said...

Hillary did stick to her script, except for that wicked witch cackling she did when she wanted to stall and think of an answer.

It was not really a very hard interview though. Could have been much better done.

Conservative Belle said...

Have you seen this video yet? It claims she is a felon.

I think it requires some more research.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Marcel Marceau died. I'm speechless.