Saturday, September 15, 2007

Mil Bloggers Take D.C.

Sipping another cup of Boca Java's Brew of Bravery this quiet Saturday morning. The sun is peeking out from behind the clouds and I'm hoping for another day of calm skies. Written in 'my book', as I call my spiral bound calendar, in purple ink is Lunch with C. It's an entry that I always look forward to that. We've been best pals since we were in second grade together in Shreveport, Louisiana. Life is good like that.

Did you know that President Bush met with a group of military bloggers yesterday in the Oval Office? How cool is that? Also in the room were War Czar LTG Doug Lute, Tony Snow, Dana Perino, Stephen Hadley among others. They were hooked up on a video teleconference with two bloggers at Camp Liberty in Baghdad, too. Bill Roggio and Bill Ardolino participated from Camp Liberty.

One of my favorites was there, Matt from Blackfive. I read his blog daily and have enjoyed reading his book, "The Blogs of War". I spoke with him once when he was a guest on the early morning show on C-SPAN. My call was taken and I was able to thank him for writing that excellent book and doing the blog.

Others there include Mrs. Greyhawk from Mudville Gazette, Ward Carroll from DefenseTech, and Mohammed from Iraq the Model. I have been reading Mohammed's blog for a long time, too. He always provides the in country point of view from the people on the ground. I read some great accounts of the meeting on Blackfive, and Roggio's Long War Journal. Bill Ardolino,, asked the President "how national political reconciliation will affect progress in the Anbar Province and Fallujah specifically, and the President's answer honestly surprised me in its length, level of detail and grasp of events on the ground."

The meeting was on the record but no recording devices were allowed, due to the sensitive video conference surroundings.

Milbloggers taking Washington, D.C. What a great meeting.

And today I wish great success to Gathering of Eagles.


Debbie said...

That meeting of bloggers was great. I love BlackFive, Iraq the Model, and all of them. They picked some of the best and I'm thankful the bloggers got to speak their minds and ask questions. I hope this is the first of many such meetings.

I especially like Iraq the Model, because when he share something, it's like being right there with him, seeing things through his eyes. I love that.

Frasypoo said...

Political Bloggers are being recognised....always good

Janie said...

Wow. I bet that was neat.

You are so in tune, thanks for that. I seem to miss so much!!

Thanks for keeping us updated...

Jessica said...

Were they all in support of the war in Iraq?