Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Meredith In The Morning

While checking in with a favorite website of mine,, I came across an article I found quite amazing. Seems Meredith Vieira had an interview with Afghanistan's President Hamid Karzai Monday morning. Seems Meredith is convinced the war in Afghanistan was lost and was astonished that President Karzai didn't agree with her conclusion. She is described as being 'bewildered' with his opinions.

Vieira: "A lot of Americans, here, are confused by this, what's going on in Afghanistan. They say, 'Wait a minute, I thought we won that war, already and now the Taliban is back? What went wrong?' So I'm asking you sir -"

Karzai: "We won."

Vieira: "- what's gone wrong? You've won?"

Karzai: "Yes, of course we won."

Vieira: "What have you won?"

Karzai: "The war against terrorism. The liberation of Afghanistan. These guys, the al Qaeda, Osama, and their associates were running Afghanistan. Today you're talking to President Karzai, elected by the Afghan people."

Vieira: "There's also killings everyday. So how do you reconcile that with this notion we've won?"

Karzai: "We have won because we have defeated them from being the government, now they are the runaways. Outlaws. Hiding in the mountains, in caves."

Vieira, like so much of the entertainment liberals, is so determined for the U.S. to fail in all military actions that she actually challenges the President of Afghanistan on state of his country. Unbelievable.

She was so proud to proclaim her participation in anti-war marches in NYC before the Iraq War. She's so cool, you know. That was out of line for her to be saying on a morning show but she was on The View then so, you know, that's not anywhere close to journalism. It's just a chat show for bored women in Manhattan, so big deal.

At one time Vieira was masquerading fairly convincingly as a journalist. In her younger days as a reporter for 60 Minutes she was accepted as a professional. No better or worse than the rest of them on that show.

In today's climate there is no need for any pretense of impartiality or professional objectivity. It is quite evident where the majority of those interviewing people on the air stand on political opinion so why bother? Just play along and think they are really earning their glorious salaries. If you are not an east coast or west coast liberal your thoughts don't matter anyway. Those claiming to be journalists today are no different than run of the mill actors, self absorbed and thinking as a voting block.

Like the others in her circle, Meredith refuses to accept success. At least as far as her country is concerned.

Today President Karzai was at the White House meeting with President Bush. Karzai, still a snappy dresser, wanted to publicly thank the American people for his country's freedom.

Must be a sad morning for old Meredith today.


Frasypoo said...

Thats funny!!
I agree that the "the View"is a show for women who are bored with nothing to do.

wordnerd said...

Freakin' amazing.

Paul is a Hermit said...
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Paul is a Hermit said...

In my opinion, like most reporters, it's, who is paying me first, facts second.
Hatred of America is such a media monolith that if you want to break into or stay in the bizz, you'd better get your stories left-leaning. Whether acting or reporting. It does her no harm to report as she does, no sacrifice.
No danger from an angry, corrupt group of thugs running a country by terror.

There are those few with money-drawing power that can say what they darn well please. For now.
But, you've shown her to be just another example of one who wants her country to lose.