Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thursday Tidbits

Columbia University is inviting Ahmadinejad to speak and be asked "tough" questions by the President and the audience. Yeah, right. It is surreal to me that the President of an alleged fine university in New York City would issue an invitation to the terrorist known as the leader of Iran and give him a forum to spew his hate-filled speech to our citizens. This, at a time that it is under reported that Iran is providing weapons to al-Qaeda in Iraq, killing and maiming our soldiers. There's a slice of the state of American higher education today.

It is incredible enough that the head Iranian thug will be allowed to speak before the U.N. But, that is common anymore. It was incredible that yesterday the mayor of New York said he would escort him on a tour of Ground Zero, until the public finally spoke up and Bloomberg backed down. Can you imagine? What the hell are these people thinking? He wants to lay a wreath in the pit. Wants to express sympathy. Yeah, sure. This from the dictator who want Sharia law in full force in his country. Women who had been expressing forms of freedom, quietly, like western dress and music, well, no more of that. Women are being forced to cover up again, stonings are a popular form of killing women who will not submit. He wants to destroy Israel. He dreams of a world without the U.S. Yeah, he must be one of Rosie O'Donnell's terrorists who is just a dad like everyone else.

Have you seen the video of the young member of YAF who confronts Rep. Murtha about his disgusting remarks made of our military members during the Hiditha incident? The remarks Murtha made that the Marines were killing innocent Iraqis in cold blood? The young man follows Murtha to the elevator and asks him if he'd like to issue an apology now that they have all been vindicated, with only one given a short jail sentence. The charges are being dropped on the rest of the men. Murtha pulls the 'have you ever been in the military?' crap. As if being a veteran is good enough of an excuse to lie about the military, at war in a foreign country. He is a disgrace. Now, too, C.R.E.W. has named Murtha as the most corrupt politician currently in the House. That's saying something since normally they lean heavily liberal. The young man told Murtha that his remarks were more in line with al-Jezzera than with a Congressman. Yes.

Murtha thinks there will be big gains made in the upcoming election for the Dems. We'll see, I suppose. He may want to take a gander at the latest polling numbers. Congress is at 11% approval. President Bush is at 29%. Draw from that what you will.

Hillary's campaign co-chair, Tom Vilsack is boasting that if Rudy is the nominee for the Republicans, her campaign will trot out all the baggage of his personal life. Well now. Is that really the road her campaign wants to travel? If she wants to run on Bill's coattails, which is how she got there to begin with, if she wants to assure everyone he'll be right there with her, if she promises to send him around the world as a goodwill ambassador, then I guess her personal life with him is up for grabs, too. What a bone-headed boast for that loser to make. He thought he was going to be president, then when he had to leave the race after about 2 weeks when he realized no one was really interested in the governor of Iowa, he had to go to work for Hillary.

Today I read a tidbit from Presidential candidate, Elizabeth Edwards. Oh, you thought her husband was running? She weighed in on Hillary's health care plan. "Mrs. Clinton has -seven and a half months after John unveiled his health care plan -unveiled a health care plan that is in every material respect just like John's." That from an AP article on She went on to say the plan was "John Edwards' health care plan as delivered by Hillary Clinton."

Hillary thinks since she has softened up her language and uses MUSAK style piano music in her latest commercial that you are too stupid to know her health care plan is a disaster waiting to happen. Hey, she'll 'let' you keep your current coverage. Until she changes her mind. Not even other Dems wanted her plan in 1993. She can put on all the pastel pink suits she wants. She's not fooling this mean Republican woman. I'm not nearly as stupid as she thinks I am.

Oh yeah. Did you see President Bush's press conference this morning? Me either. But I heard a great clip. One of the Dems, er, reporters, asked him what he thought of MoveOn's ad blasting General Petraeus. FINALLY, he said it was disgusting. He said the Dems want to insult the military more than they want to be successful in Iraq.

It is past time for Republicans to start hitting back. I am sick of the standard politeness of Republicans. It is time to stand up and be heard. Loud and proud.

And, yeah, I'm reading Laura Ingraham's new book, "Power to the People". I'm the proud owner of an autographed copy. Good on her.


Debbie said...

I loved President Bush's response to the question. Priceless. I had the TV on while I was in another room, only heard part of the press conference, but I heard that.

Mrs. Edwards (that would be John) needs the man of the house (that would be Elizabeth) to come out and be his attack dog. He might mess up his hair and makeup if he got angry. heheheheh

On Ahmadinejad, I was against him coming last year, I'm against him coming especially this year. He's a terrorist and terrorist supporter killing Americans. He should get nothing but a rear view of any real American.

Incognito said...

Still trying to figure out why we relented and decided to let Mad inejad in! Ridiculous.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I did see the President finally speak up for his general. FINALLY!
It was good too but awful d*mn late. It is way past time for Republicans to take the gloves off, unfortunately, his focus has been to punch his supporters.

He made a big issue of his fight for free trade agreements saying it was the best way to help the poor around the world. It seems to me he means to lower American wages until equilibrium is met and everyone is poor. Right now, I don't like him much at all. I'll admit to not being an economist.

The public display of stupidity by Columbia U., by Bloomberg and seemingly untold others, leads me to assume that education in America is down the toilet. For all the reasons you list and their complete inability to fathom even something so simple.

Were I Putin, I'd be cranking up all the trouble I could because should America ever call on it's citizens to fight, to re institute the draft, it will be all over for us. That huge portion will do nothing except protest and destroy here, where they think they're safe.
Murtha is the Poster Boy of what I mean. What he did at 20 can't carry him through life, not as he thinks or wishes. He's still a...(be nice), a bad man, a very bad man.

DD2 said...

Mahamoud being at Columbia shouldn't be a surprise when one.
I know that if Rudy was still the NY Mayor, it would NOT happen

Frasypoo said...

I wish more people would say stuff about the MoveOn ads.
Some channel was interviewing Ms Clinton and they asked her what she thought of when she could not sleep in the night and she smiled and replied President Bush and all thats happening to our country.
She may need to start worrying about Ms Edwards

seawitch said...

Ahmenaneedanewname is a murderer. He is the leader os a terrorist state and it sickens me that he will be at the UN and it outrages me he will be given a pulpit at Columbia.

As far as Edwards and Shillary's healthcare plans, news stories abound about the number of Canadians who have to come to the US because Canada's healthcare system can't trest cancer and other life threatening illnesses in a timely manner.

I'm glad President Bush defended Patreaus.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Just think of the triumphant news footage on Iranian, on all Muslim TV, showing Iran's glorious Leader standing at Ground Zero, surveying the power of Islam over The Devil. That, coupled with his speech at the U.N., which if I'm not wrong, will be critical of us, should cement his place as The Muslim In Charge. Is our State Department crazy?

Bush never got the chance, or had the will, to clean out the State Department or Justice of Clinton's entrenched bureaucracy, all in the name of "working together."
Well, Hilary will show how that's done, if she gets in.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

How's the book? Ingraham's been promoting it like crazy on her program.

Anyone with any sense would have to have a willing suspension of disbelief if they are to believe Hillary Clinton on healthcare.