Friday, September 14, 2007

Wrapping Up The Week

Out of nowhere a tropical storm developed in a span of about 14 hours in the Gulf of Mexico and then became a category 1 hurricane. Hurricane Humberto. Fortunately when we awoke yesterday morning we had nothing but blue sky. No rain at all, no wind. Our neighbors in Galveston county were not so lucky. And the folks further east and up the Gulf coast of Texas received the brunt of the storm.

I watched the speech by the President last night. Then I watched the Dem response read by Senator Jack Reed, from the state of Rhode Island. Ho-hum to both. I am on the side of those saying that the President should have skipped the whole thing this week. Let the General and Ambassador speak for themselves. We know the President was signing off on their recommendations. And the Dems? More of the same. Their responses were out before the speech was given and, oh what a surprise, they don't agree with the President. They think the good General is the President's mouth piece. Blech.

Not once did Senator Reed thank the troops for their work. He did, however, feel the need to begin his speech by stating he served 12 years in the Army and was an officer. I was distracted by the lack of an upper lip on his face. Maybe he should take some of his generous Senate salary, paid by the American taxpayer, and buy one, then stiffen it.

Not once did Senator Reed acknowledge any of the success that the General and the Ambassador either. I am hard pressed to remember a time when good news was so unwelcome by the defeatist wing of a political party. They simply can't lose fast enough. You'd think a military veteran would show more respect but that is not how things are now in politics. It's simply all about the next election.

The next report, according to the President, will be given in March by the General and Ambassador. MoveOn has plenty of time to construct another attack ad.

Hillary Clinton, is it just me or do you notice that at election time she drops the "Rodham" part of her name so you just think of the hubby?, who called the General a liar to his face, a stooge for the administration, too has brought out into the open that Sandy, THE BURGLAR, Berger is one of three foreign policy advisers to her campaign. Just like the good old days. I suppose this is his reward for destroying the documents from the National Archieves. It is said that Berger destroyed the copies of a report prepared by Richard Clarke in 2000, called the Millennium After-Action Review, according to Richard Miniter. Miniter once had a 'cordial' relationship with Berger and used him as a helpful source in his columns. That relationship is over, as of 2002 when Miniter a series for the Sunday Times in the U.K.. Berger "phoned my hotel room at something like 6AM, screaming that I was accusing him of murdering 3000 people. He promised that he was going to ruin and destroy me," Miniter said.

According to Miniter's sources, this Millennium After-Action Review was a binder-sized report and there were 13 copies of it. Only one copy, however, had hand-written notes by President Clinton. Clinton wrote 'NO' beside recommendations, inside the margins, as he didn't agree with the tough recommendations.

Welcome back, Sandy. Job well done.


Beverly said...

Thank you once again for your views, Karen. I didn't watch the speech, but with the TV on this morning heard the comments. Sickening.

Your storm is sort of like the one we had the Saturday after 9/11 in 2001. We had one blow through here that caught everyone off guard. Everyone was so preoccupied with the events of 9/11, we didn't hear the forecasts. It was quite nasty.

Debbie said...

I think President Bush should have held off the speech for a few weeks, or not given it at all. It did NOT help anything, and may have taken away from what Petreaus and Crocker has to say.

We are getting rain here in Tennessee from the storm. I hope it's gone by tomorrow night, hubby's hobby, the band, is playing live outside Saturday night.

Frasypoo said...

We seem to be getting the effects of the rains.My husband I went on a bike trip and got rained on all the way from TN into Georgia!Needle like drops on our face all the way!

Its convenienet to change names,is' nt it ?Like the many faces she has.....Hillary that is

Anonymous said...

Great job on this blog.
You hit it right on the head

Like I'd like to do to some of those Morons.

Lori said...

I saw on Roxanne's blog where you had made a comment about your son's senior year. Just thought I'd come over and let you know that I'm a senior mom, too...and having a real hard time thinking about my lovely daughter leaving the nest next year as well! Didn't the time go by way too quickly? *sigh*