Friday, May 30, 2008

Obama Must Leave His Church

You never know what a day will bring. A bit of self-promotion: I saw a blog post of mine in the Chicago Sun-Times. Wild. That was random. And awesome.

Then there is the revelation that Barack Obama must leave his church in Chicago. I think that is all that is left for him to do if he ever wants to get the 'typical white person' vote, especially the white woman vote. The latest embarrassment for the campaign is the screed, from the pulpit of Trinity United Church of Christ, by Roman Catholic Priest Michael Pfleger. He was all jacked up over Hillary and her run against Obama. He gleefully mocked her. He said Hillary thought, "There's a black man stealing my show." "Oh, damn, where did you come from?"

What's with all the cussing coming from this pulpit?

And the congregation stood and laughed and clapped and enjoyed the whole show.

This priest is a man of the cloth who openly supports and campaigns for Obama. He has an old and close friendship with Rev. Wright. And, he is an old friend of Obama. Pfleger is just as offensive as Wright. He is a racist, a white man suffering from liberal white guilt. He even puts on a pseudo black sounding voice as he shrieks. He promotes hate, not love.

The Obama campaign issued the standard statement, denouncing such behavior. And, later in his own statement, Obama feigned disappointment. And then Pfleger gave a semi-apologetic statement, the qualified kind "if anyone was offended" type of apology, which is not an apology at all. Pfleger said his screed was "inconsistent with Senator Obama's life and message."


When does some honesty begin here? Maybe this church and the whole black theology ministry reasoning doesn't bother voters. Those passionately supporting Obama may not be offended by the ugliness coming from the pulpit. This performance by Pfleger was just 5 days ago. This isn't ancient history. Jake Tapper of ABC News reported that Obama's response and Pfleger's endorsement of Obama are still at the Yahoo cache of Obama's web site. The Google cache also has it, and it's dated May 24, the day before Pfleger's rant at the church. So the campaign knows full well of these actions.

And so does the candidate. Obama secured $200,000 in earmarks for Pfleger's church. I guess the candidate so put off by lobbyists is one himself for his friends. And the Obama campaign transported Pfleger to Iowa to campaign before the caucus. He was on the spiritual advisory board, like Wright, for the campaign and headed up Catholics for Obama.

With Wright and Pfleger we are told that these are snippets. These are just a small sample of what originates from the pulpit. There's good work going on in the community by the church. And the campaign and candidate are shocked, shocked I tell you, of this bad behavior.

How long are the 'typical' people suppose to believe this charade?

Either Obama is naive to the point of stupidity or he is a liar. There is no way he is so terribly surprised or shocked or thought these religious advisers of his are anything other than what they are. Obama deliberately chose to join the church as his introduction into the community and the political machine. He carefully scripted his friendships and plotted a course for success in politics. He has been quite adept at creating a compelling story to promote his political ambitions. Obama certainly doesn't lack a healthy ego. The man has written two books on the story of his life and he is still in his 40's. He's special, you know. But he's offended if you call him a politician. It was Wright's denouncemen of Obama as just a politician that produced the severed, allegedly, relationship between the two. Not all the other stuff.

Would his white mother approve of his church and what comes out of it? Would she be one of the clapping and cheering congregation members? Maybe. She married two Muslim men. Her son has a Muslim name. Maybe this translates into the black liberation theology that is preached.

The candidate of change and post racial and bi-partisan claims is not. This is clear. He has been a member of this church for 20 years. He professes to be different, that he doesn't have to be beholding to lobbyists, then uses David Axelrod as his campaign manager. He has no record of bi-partisanship in the Senate. He backs out of his word to colleagues.

Off the teleprompter, the snappy speech reader is not so fast on his feet. He has an ever-growing list of gaffes. He claims President Bush is a man of failed policies. A man who is so divisive. Except that is not the real history. We are a nation still without attack since 9/11, the economy has bounced back from the horrors of that attack and the recession promoted for political reasons by the msm for the Obama campaign is not there. Yes, there is economic slowdown. Cyclical. Unemployment is still at record lows. Finance rates still at record low rates. The mortgage 'crisis'? To hear Obama talk, no one is paying their mortgage obligations. It is less than five percent, again, record low rate of mortgage repayment failures. There are problems as there are always. Obama has to manufacture and exaggerate to make his candidacy into something. Bush came into Washington trying to change the tone.He, however, had a real history of working with both sides of the aisle, especially his Democrat lt. governor. He was quickly shut down. Bush even worked with Ted Kennedy, Obama's new best friend, on education reform. Laura Bush was with Kennedy on Capitol Hill on 9/11. That was before Obama was even in the Senate.

Don't think. Just feel. We are the change we've been waiting for. It all sounds so ridiculous and shallow. Obama's only hope is to stop with the phony statements of disappointment and disapproval. Simply stating that if Wright had not retired, Obama would have had to leave the church isn't enough. He still has to leave. Otherwise he is just another clapping, cheering, shouting member of the congregation showing his approval of the campaigning from the pulpit. The racist hate speech.

Leaders lead by example. Pretty words with exaggerated accents are cheap.

As The Wall Street Journal points out: "People who made fun of President Bush for his naivete in sizing up Vladimir Putin ain't seen nothing yet."


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

What's with all the cussing coming from this pulpit?

God needs to wash his mouth and heart out with soap, should he make it to the Pearly Gates.

Z said...

great comment there at the end by the WSJ, though frightening!

WHEN is the IRS going to wake up and figure out those sermons we hear at Trinity aren't sermons at all?

Very neat you were in the Chicago Sun, Penguin! Good piece here, as usual!

Debbie said...

It's too late for Obama to quit the church, at least it's too late for his quitting to do any good. He's praised the church, praised the new pastor Otis Moss. He can't win this argument. He can only hope it goes away before November and hope the members and preachers there shut up until them. It won't happen.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth

Meritt said...

What I don't understand is how the 'Obama supporters' aren't SEEING THIS CRAP for what and who he/it is!

Incredible. Talk about pulling the wool over their eyes. How does he do it?

How can people not see this guy for what and who he is?

"Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large numbers."

Nikki said...

Karen, I would like to know more on the Chicago Suns Times posting!! I think you should post a link to it so we can ooooo and aaaaahh! Good for you! self promote girlfriend!
Obama sucks. I can't wait to continue to rip. I am going to put a disclaimer on my blog as soon as he clinches the nomination that my blog is a Obama rip zone so enter with caution!! Keep up the great posting!

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Hey Karen! Once again - you be psychic! BHO is about to announce his split from all the cussing preachers and priests at that, well, for lack of a better term - church.

Karen's saavy take (Like the turn off your radio essay back in the GOP's primary electoral dysfunctionality phase) is significant.

Clairevoyant even.

Beverly said...

You're famous? You were in a Chicago paper? Let us in on it.

You are brilliant. Thanks for keeping me up to date on all that's going on.