Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Congress Approval at 9%

The most recent polling of the approval rating for Congress shows the pulse of the country. A total of 9% of Americans polled think that Congress is doing an 'excellent' or a 'good' job. That is an historically all time low number.

Way to go, Senator Harry Reid and Speaker Nancy Pelosi. Your numbers are even lower than President Bush. And we know how you like to reference his numbers. There's some real change for the American people.

And, speaking of empty suited arrogance, not only is Barack Obama going to accept the Democrat nomination at the Denver sports stadium, in full Messiah mode before the chanting crowd, but now he's planning to go to Berlin. He wants to do a speech in front of the Brandenburg Gates.

Ego, thy name is Obama.

German Chancellor Angela Merkel is opposed to his publicity stunt. "This is a historical place with a symbolic value for significant types of occasions and declarations." She said he can stroll around with reporters but cannot deliver a speech there. That from blogger, Z. Z, a singer in Los Angeles, and her husband, a German, lived in Germany as well as France while married.

The mayor of Berlin, however, will have the final say. He's all for the publicity. The Obama uses the canard that Obama wants to do this in the fashion of JFK. Only, as Z points out, JFK didn't do it there, the wall was still up.

So, Obama wants the symbolic gesture of a large enthusiastic crowd in a stadium as it will be the anniversary of the MLK speech on the Mall, and then visions of JFK in Germany. See what happens when you are an empty suit, all rhetoric and no substance? You have to totally rely on symbolic gestures, staged events.

Lately, Obama has gotten himself into some hot water, especially with his own comrades on the far left. That is what happens when he's off teleprompter. And the new Obama ad using the tired rhetoric that McCain is a third Bush term, on energy in this ad? Well, the problem is that McCain voted against the Bush energy plan and Obama voted for it.

Facts are stubborn things.

To appeal to the voters in the middle, the ones not flocking to him, and the Hillary supporters who so far haven't opened up their checkbooks, there is a 4 part television interview of the entire Obama family from Butte, Montana. Obama used the 4th of July as a prop for his campaign speech that day and trotted out the Mrs. and kids. So, using fawning Hollywood, Obama and family will be on 4 consecutive nights of Access Hollywood. He's not above using Malia, age 10 and Sasha, age 7 when he needs to show the common side. You know, the children who were staying in Chicago and out of the press, according to Michelle. Trying to lead a normal life and all that nonsense. The girls have been promised a dog after the election.

Michelle, since the Jackie O imitation didn't really take off, is shown talking about how much she loves fashion. She's just like every other working woman in America, you know.

One of the little girls is really into decorating so she's looking forward to decorating her new room in the White House. Just so ya know.


Beverly said...

Nine per cent? I'm surprised it's so high.

Where are the minds of people in this country? The big O is like a rock star. Mindless wonders do not listen or read or think; they're dazzled by him.

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Whoa - Hold up! Since a certain party seized Congress power in a legit 'lection way back in '06, Petrol has skyrocketed, mortgage crisis abound and the right track/wrong track thing is all catty cornered.


The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Nine per cent? I'm surprised it's so high.

Well, apparently Congressional leaders have a large support base consisting of family members.

Paul is a Hermit said...

Congress is a joke. Many there, those with power, don't even try to put a facade of caring about this country on anymore. It seems to be about petty vendettas and personal gain. Serious issues like judicial appointments too and they won't. Harry said the other day there was no rush. There will be, if they get the Presidency.
King George was probably more popular when we took up arms.

Kris, in New England said...

I'm usually more articulate than this, but all I can say is:

Obama is a tool.