Sunday, July 23, 2006

All's Quiet on the Homefront

Is there anything better than that first sip of coffee in the morning, all freshly brewed and hot? Another e-mail from hubby informing he is on the drilling rig and doing ok. Very slow internet connection, as you can imagine.

Movie watching was fun yesterday. I watched lots all over again, something I have the complete freedom to do if hubby is out of town (or country) and I take full advantage. The line-up was:
"You've Got Mail", "Bridget Jones-Age of Reason", "The Love Letter" and "Baby Boom". All fun chick kind of movies. And happy endings.

A huge dog show is going on this weekend, billed as "Reliant Park World Series of Dog Shows". Our Max has been shown the photos in the newspaper but he is not much interested in fussy dogs. I did tell him about a great heart-tugger from the article yesterday in the newspaper, the method of fundraising being used at the show. Donation dogs. Several rescue type of organizations have let the dogs be the fundraisers, begging, er, soliciting donations on the floor of the show. The crowds are responding generously, as I know I would, to seeing dog rescued from pounds or shelters. Two Labrador Retrievers and one Golden Retriever were highlighted in photos. Our Max is half Lab, half Beagle.

These dogs walk around the dog show floor with their humans and show off jackets with pockets for money stuffing and the names of the groups they represent. Both of the types of dogs highlighted were from rescue organizations and veterans of this task. So cute.

Looks like the last of those wanting to leave Lebanon will do so today. The evacuation has been a monumental task requiring many factions to coordinate. I found it interesting that now the other countries of the folks wanting out are complimenting the U.S. on the level of competence and success of it operation. Did you know the U.S. is also paying for nationals of other countries to leave? Yep, don't even need to be a U.S. citizen. Your tax dollars at work. So, after 4 warnings from the State Dept in the past 2 years about the dangers of traveling to Lebanon by those with an American passport (most of these people also have a Lebanese passport as that is the country of their families origin, hardly innocents caught by surprise), and asked not to go, they did and now don't even have to worry about the cost of evacuation. Once our ships were allowed to dock there, not the case previously, those evacuating were on luxury cruise liners and able to have a hot shower and food and cold drinks. Even mixed drinks, according to some relaying their experience. Those freighters sent for the very first of the evacuations were foreign and those Americans on them should not be surprised that other countries do things differently.

I read a really good accounting from a woman writing for the Jewish World Review,, and her vacation to the northern part of Israel. That's a view we aren't getting here. Her name is Caroline B. Glick, according to the by-line of the article. She gives an easy to understand background as to how the current events are playing out.

"I wanted it to be you. I wanted it so badly." - Shopgirl to NY152.


aka_Meritt said...

We can sip coffee together this morning as it seems we are the only two awake. :)

Beverly said...

I love "You've Got Mail." i love the wistful scene as she leaves the shop for the last time, and she sees herself and her mother twirling...

Jewish World Review is a great source of news and commentary. I hadn't been going to it, but I realized the other day that to get another view, that would be the place to go. Thanks for the reminder.

poopie said...

I bet half lab half beagle is precious!