Sunday, July 09, 2006

Panda Monium

Today's brew: Starbuck's French Roast. The last of the bag.

This morning instead of more Belgian waffles, as hubby thought of having, we settled on eggs and grits. The usual around here for Sunday morning. Son slept in and had cereal. His usual.

Happy Birthday to Tai Shan! Who is Tai Shan? He is the adorable panda cub at the National Zoo in Washington, DC. This is a huge hit on the zoo's website: To celebrate his first birthday he was treated to a fruitsicle. He loves them, according to the zookeepers. His birth a year ago was the culmination of a huge effort by the zoo to produce a cub. Decades of dashed hopes as panda pregnancies ended in failure. Today he is a healthy, bouncy 56 pound bundle of entertainment to people from all over the world.

Too cute.

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srp said...

I saw the video on the news. He is absolutely adorable. That was some fruitsicle