Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Let's Just Say It

The verdict is in. Andrea Yates is not guilty by reason of insanity. This was a horrible local story and the original trial in 2002 was a zoo.

Let's just say it, shall we? Rusty Yates is just as guilty as Andrea of responsibility in the death of those 5 young, innocent children. Baby Mary, the only girl was only 6 months old. The oldest was 7.

Rusty is guilty of negligence concerning Andrea's mental health treatments. This was a battle of many years and Andrea was never able to remain a functioning woman. They had been advised not to have more children.

This was senseless and completely avoidable. The mother in law would try to help out during the days leading up to the drownings so that tells me she and her son knew how desperately Andrea needed help. Andrea's close friend is quoted in newspaper interviews as claiming Andrea wasn't bathing, combing her hair, even brushing her teeth. She was walking around without speaking and walking in circles.

Rusty Yates is now re-married. He has been interviewed numerous times. He claims he'd like more children. More children? Today after the verdict was given, he told reporters he's the victim and is happy Andrea will now be in a facility and get help. You gotta love the victim claim, don't you?

Good luck to the new wife.


Sheri & SuZan said...

I am so with you on this!

delta said...

When I saw the wedding pictures of Rusty and the new wife the first thing I thought was "good luck honey, you're in for a bumpy life".

AC said...

I read that the jury agonized, wanting to find her both guilty of drowning her children and not guilty by insanity. There is no doubt that she was out of her mind. And like you Rusty Yates in my opinion was complicit or whatever the term is. Its like not knowing your son had a garage full of weapons. What goes on in these houses...I won't call them homes.

Those poor children.

Hey, about the gammar-Kerry post.. I had to look up the rules of the subjuntive. I meant it to be funny and I hope everyone took it that way. When I read that comment from him, I knew the formal use was (haha) were. When I looked up the rules I thought the wishing and hoping aspect of the subjuncive fit the comment. I nitpick Kerry every chance I get because I find him odious. For a while I took a list of Heinz products with me to the store to make sure I NEVER bought one again. Just my way of protesting.

aka_Meritt said...

I have such mixed feelings on this story!

1. I'm not happy they let Andrea off by reason of insanity. I think she should have been found guilty.

2. I don't really agree that Rusty should have been on trial too. I don't really feel it was his 'job' to get his wife help if she was depressed. I know my husband never in a million years would take those steps. It's just not in his personality. He would notice if I was as depressed as Andrea, but he would leave all my medical issues to me and me alone.

I also was soley in charge of caring for our kids for about 11 years. He worked 60-80 hours a week average and I was a full time mom of 3 kids under the age of 5. I sometimes think about Rusty and Andrea and put myself in their place...

because I can see it from a different perspective and I know what my husband would/wouldn't do I don't really hold Rusty accountable.

Beverly said...

I aways said from the beginning that Rusty yates should have been on that stand beside her. Homeschooling children, caring for a parent with Alzheimer's and suffering from post-partum depression would want to make one put a gun to one's head.

Yes, Harry Caray did die several years ago.

AC said...

I can't spell or type well this morning. I meant subjunctive, typed wrong twice above. I'd blame it on the cat, but that would be untrue.

Jennifer said...

Well said. It's such a sad snapshot of the world we live in. The fact that Rusty has been able to pick up and move on with such relative ease really speaks volumes about him, I think.