Friday, July 28, 2006

Final Friday

Sipping my coffee, easing into the day. Today is the last day of summer school for son's math class. Today they will have the final exam and he's out of there. Looks like he'll keep his A average in the course, barring anything squirrelly happening today. He is at a private school for the class, a private Jewish school, and I am happy it is tucked away out of traffic and public view, I must admit, given the events happening in the world today. As I've said before, Houston has one of the largest Muslim populations in the country, as with populations of other faiths due to our sheer number of people living here and the diversity factor Houston is famous for encouraging. As long as everyone plays nice, I have no problem.

I watched a group of women playing accordions on the morning chat show today. My sister-in-law, in the Seattle area, would have enjoyed watching them. She plays accordian. She calls herself a "vampire" during working hours as she draws blood in the hospital lab but she has varied interests. She is also big in hula dancing locally. My brother-in-law is a musician.

Fool of the Week: Mary Rose Oakar, President of the American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee. This group filed a federal lawsuit on July 24 against Condoleezza Rice and Donald Rumsfeld claiming these two did not fulfull their constitutional duties or professional obligations to protect U.S. citizens in time of crisis or time of war. They claim Secretary Rice and Rumsfeld placed U.S. citizens "in peril" by not taking possible steps to keep them safe in Lebanon. They demand a ceasefire to be issued and to stop the U.S. from shipping weapons or any other military support to Israel.

Now you get the picture. This isn't about Lebanese Americans getting out of Lebanon. This is all about publicity for this groups political agenda. Did I say the lawsuit was filed in federal court in Michigan? Michigan, known for Arab American political activism. Ms. Oakar is a former Ohio congresswoman, so she is no stranger to using the press and tv cameras to get her message out. She knows full well that the U.S. government, or its secretaries, are not under obligation to launch any evacuation efforts, legally speaking, in light of the State Department's repeated travel warnings concerning Lebanon. Four strong warnings against traveling to Lebanon have been issued by the State Department in the past two years alone. Morally speaking, of course the U.S. got the Americans out who wanted to leave. We also evacuated non-Americans at no expense during operations.

The American-Arab Anti-Discrimination Committee is an extremely well-funded organization. I'm sure they have lots of cash on hand to burn up in frivolous lawsuits. This won't even make it out of the initial filing but the goal of publicity has been accomplished.

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srp said...

Well, I got behind with all the walking etc around here in New York. Today is a weather day, have to go out to the grocers but will stay in, because severe thunderstorms are on the way and my legs may never move again anyway.

About Andrea Yates: I'm glad she will be in a hospital. And you are right, her ex-husband is as loony as she is. He should not be allowed to have kids, has no common sense whatsoever. Common sense on his part could have prevented the tragedy.

As I've said before, it behoves a nation to stand with Israel. What more can you say.