Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Psychologists Gone Wild

Good Morning. Today's brew: Seattle's Best, Post Alley Blend. A little vanilla caramel creamer and life is good.

Hubby is getting ready to head over to Lafayette for a 3 day intensive course on emergency survival preparedness. He takes the course every so often to keep certified. He needs the refresher before going to Kazakhstan again. They'll try to drown him in a pool and expect him to put out fires with fireman's equipment, things like that. Ah, good times.

Did you read about that 62 year old psychologist who gave birth? The article mentioned it was by artificial insemination. Yeah, no kidding. Her husband is 60 years old and she wanted him to have a child. I am absolutely stunned by this insanity.

And what about the University of Arizona psychology professor who had to resign her job before getting fired after her blogging insanity became public knowledge? She got into a back and forth with Jeff Goldstein who does the blog called Protein Wisdom. Goldstein is a conservative guy and the professor, Deborah Frisch, is a supporter of Ward Churchill, the professor in Colorado who claimed the World Trade Center victims had it coming. Anyway, she went so far as to threaten Goldstein's 2 year old child with sexual attack and mentioned she hoped the toddler wasn't "Jon Benet Ramseyed". Yeah, Goldstein lives in Colorado. Goldstein's site was crashed and down for 2 days due to attacks. Yeah, she's a piece of work.

Psychologists gone wild.


srp said...

I know two or three psychologists. One on the net who is down to earth and empathetic and who I would turn to for sage advice. One who was my neighbor, clown, animal lover, all round stable person. And a third to whom I went when going through my divorce. He never made judgements, let me work through the pain and sadness of my failure and gave very good advice.

Glad I didn't run into those you mentioned.

Jennifer said...

The line "physician, heal thyself" comes immediately to mind, for some reason...