Thursday, July 06, 2006

Here Comes The Sun

Yes, the sun is trying to come out but I'm whispering it as I don't want to jinx the whole thing. The sun was out a bit yesterday afternoon and I was a happy woman.

Son and I have agreed to watch "Team America" this weekend again in honor of the nutbag in North Korea. Hey, it's the least we can do.

Updating previous posts on the former spokesman for the Taliban in Afghanistan turned Yale student : He has been denied admission into the degree-granting program. Finally. He can continue to take courses as an untraditional student in a non-degree program just as he has the past year. The 27 year old Sayed Rahmatullah Hashemi is currently visiting family in Pakistan and it is not clear if he will return to Yale as of yet. Good riddance.

I saw an amazing q & a yesterday. On MSNBC's Hardball, Norah O'Donnell actually challenged Mother Sheehan on her ridiculous statements concerning President Bush on this soil and overseas. And, she asked Sheehan if she would really prefer to live under Hugo Chavez of Venezuela instead of the President. Of course she said yes to that so I think it's time to send her the one way ticket. It is so embarrassing to think that some Americans are so ignorant of the world and its leaders. I promise she would not live to protest Chavez as she does President Bush. And for such a peace loving woman, how does she feel seeing the police/military toting uzis as freely as pistols? She's all about the common person yet no mention of Chavez's land grab from regular citizens to dole out to the poor at his discretion. If she actually traveled outside of the good parts of Caracus, she'd probably mouth off a little differently. And that is why she looks so stupid.

When our son was 17 months old, he and I went to Venezuela to join my husband. We were to live there with him as he completed an assignment. Our son and I were there for 6 months and I can assure you I will not be going back in this lifetime. Chavez was not in office then. Sure, the resorts in Caracus are good and tourists flock to them. I enjoyed an overnight stay at one going both ways. But we lived in country in a regular town. We were in the "penthouse" of an apartment building. The typical American definition of penthouse is completely different than the reality of a penthouse in a third world country. Electricity is regularly off and on daily. Water from the tap is not drinkable. The people are wonderful and welcoming and we became friends with neighbors who had gone to college in San Francisco. They hoped to come back to America sometime.

Travel is the best education. Travel to a third world country will quickly make an American realize how spoiled and lucky we are to be here and not somewhere else.

Unless you are so demented by Bush Derangement Syndrome that it clouds common sense and good judgement.

On another front, has the mainstream media covered the fact that oil production is up over pre-war levels in Iraq now? Maybe I just missed that good news.

Go get your gas tank filled before the weekend comes. With the surge in crude oil prices yesterday on Wall Street, the "experts" say the price will go up by week's end. I filled mine up this morning on the way home from taking son to class.

Happy Birthday, Mr. President.

"We need to have a mindset of letting God use us to make somebody else's life better. When we do that, then there's a joy released in us that we're not ever going to get anywhere else." - Joyce Meyer


srp said...

I think I would be very afraid if I were Cindy Sheehan. With all the nasty, horrible lies she has been telling about our servicemen and women, she has a big bullseye on her back. It would not surprise me at all if we didn't hear of someone snapping and putting a bullet between her eyes. No, it wouldn't surprise me at all.

No, there is no shortage of stupidity in America today.

delta said...

If we collect for air fare for Sheehan I will donate, ONLY if the Dixie Chicks go too!!

Just Me said...

I have thought often that I truly wish every single person that 'threatens' to leave America and live elsewhere (really popular to say during the last elections) would just DO IT.


I'll even hold the door for them.