Saturday, July 29, 2006


It is so quiet this morning. I got up at the usual time to let Max out, no swim this morning, and then went back to bed for a while. No one mowing yards or even much traffic moving. I think the heat wears everyone out.

Got an email from hubby. He is doing the assignment in Kazakhstan for a French-owned company and most of the workers on the drilling rig are French. The first line of the email said, in bold letters, that he didn't want to hear any French for at least a month! Not the easiest of fellows to work with!

You know, yesterday I was talking to myself a bit that I shouldn't be so paranoid about this time in the world. I was expressing my relief that our son was finishing up at the summer school he attended this month. A private Jewish school. I was comforted that it is tucked back out of the way and it does have on site security and a gated driveway leading in and out of the school property. Well, I guess my first instinct was right, as it often is with humans, isn't it? Last night I learned of an attack by a Muslim American who walked into the Jewish Federation of Greater Seattle, pulled a gun and opened fire. He shot after yelling that he was angry at Israel and the conflict with Lebanon. He shot 5 women, killing 1 and hospitalizing 4, including one woman who is 17 weeks pregnant. They ranged in age from 40's to 20's. The man is said to be from Pakistan. The FBI did the usual song and dance that it wasn't terror related. Huh?

A little update on Houston's entry into the Meow Mix House competition in New York City - Molly won't be named feline vice-president of research and development, according to an article in the newspaper yesterday. She represented our city proudly for 10 days and was living with nine other shelter cats from around the country. It is an online reality style of experience raising awareness of homeless animals. Awww. Who doesn't love that? Molly liked to sleep in the storefront window of the cathouse built in Manhattan for the competition and she was a bit of a ham for the passersby. She was the youngest of the competitors and the loudest meower. She is now at home with a woman here in Houston and she won a year's supply of Meow Mix. Too cute.

And to end on a note of the wacky, a member of the Cindy Sheehan possee who is a legal sort has purchased 5 acres of land about 7 miles from the president's ranch in Crawford with Cindy's insurance money from her son's death so that the gang can have their own spot this summer for protesting while the president is there in August. He'll be there for 2 weeks. Cindy paid about $56,000 for the land, according to reports. It's Cindy's land, in her name, don't get me wrong. She just didn't want to do the transaction herself as she knew she wasn't welcome in town, you know, by those regular people she claims she speaks for in her protests. So her fellow moonbat was used as an agent for her. Since she isn't paying federal taxes as a protest of the war, wonder if she'll pay what she will owe to Crawford and the county? Just a thought.


aka_Meritt said...

Sometimes reading your posts gets me mad... and I didn't want to be mad yesterday when I read this one, but I kind of was. And now this morning it's still here... and I'm kind of, sort of mad again! LOL.

Beverly said...

Speaking of French, I'm sure you've heard the late night stuff that has said we're not in WW III until the French have surrendered.