Thursday, September 21, 2006

The Autumn Nutbags

I breathed a sigh of relief as I noted the safe landing of the astronauts, back onto solid ground and no emergencies. It is well past time for a whole new shuttle program and resuming landing on the moon again.

Well, how about those amusing dictators holding court at the U.N. this week? To hear thugs like the Iranian president and the Venezuelan president preach about peace and justice is surreal at best. Chavez yesterday received lots of applause and laughter from the audience at the U.N., mostly made up of the non-aligned union who now dominate the General Assembly. They had quite the yuk fest there. Press conferences and speeches galore. The U.N. press eating it up.

Beside proving how truly irrelevant the U.N. is today, the spectacle of the past few days leaves me with a question: Where's the outrage? Where's the condemnation from our elected leaders? I know the House of Representatives is no place to find concensus, but how about from the Senate? The Senate is considered the more dignified and thoughtful of the bodies and yet no response, other than from Norm Coleman, R-Mn and George Voinivich, R-Oh. How about the Jewish senators, where is there outrage that a couple of thugs spouting anti-semitic speeches are welcomed with open arms from a large segment of the U.N.? No problem with the president of Iran calling for the elimination of Israel? Senator Schumer, Senator Boxer, Senator Fienstein, Senator Fiengold? Anyone?

Or is it just too much fun to hear these men ridicule the President of the U.S., who they are committed to seeing fail on the world stage for their own political gain? Party over country once again?

Chavez is a guest in Harlem of a cheering crowd showing the love for the gift of cheap heating oil, made as a jab to our country. His own people suffer from complete poverty - over 52% by their own numbers - yet he is so concerned for Americans in Harlem? Don't forget he is closing Citgo gas stations here as a way of tightening up the gas supply. Fawn all over him, you idiot New Yorkers. Even Joe Kennedy, Jr lost his nerve, or came to his senses, and cancelled his appearance with Chavez.

There was a huge demostration outside the U.N. yesterday - see any coverage? Very little. Felicity Hoffman, actress, came out and protested. I guess she isn't a big enough star to merit a lot of attention.

It is important to boycott any companies supporting policies with which you disapprove. I will not shop at our new Macy's stores here (the parent company bought out our Foley's) because they chose Susan Sarandon as the spokeswoman in an opening weekend commerical. She was promoting shopping at Macy's and some of the profits go to something. I guess she suffers liberal guilt if she shops at Macy's. Like she shops at Macy's. You remember her new best friend, Cindy Sheehan, went to embrace Chavez in Venezuela and denounce our country.

Venezuela is a very poor third world country. I lived there and will never go back. Caracus is not Venezuela. Chavez has shut down the free press, seized private ranch lands for government control, and jailed those with dissenting voices. The Iranian government is worse. These men are dangerous to the free world and must be taken seriously.

When someone is telling you who they are, you should believe them.

And, for Jacques Chirac, he is once again proving what a cheese eating surrender monkey he is. He tells our delegation and President Bush he is on the same page in support of sanctions on Iran, not once but many times, then goes to the floor of the U.N. for his address and completely changes course. And he wonders why France is not a world power. Mon Dieu.

I keep going back to the words of our friend, Abu Danny, the collegue/student of hubby's from Iraq. His question to my husband and another engineer recently as he was taking a course from them, along the lines of how is it that our government does not show more care concerning the people we allow into our country. He would be aghast to hear that Columbia University has now extended an invitation to the Iranian president to speak to the students while he is in Manhattan.

Danny Glover appears arm in arm with Chavez on the stage in Harlem this morning. And it is the president of this country who is accused of being in a bubble by the elite journalists and celebs here... If Glover was a critic of Chavez in Venezuela, he would be jailed but that irony escapes him, as it did Sheehan. Great thinkers, those two.


srp said...

I think I just heard that Feinstein or someone from California finally stood up and called Chavez "no more than a common thug". That seems a bit tame.

I think it is time to kick the UN out of the US; take the building back since we paid for it, and stop giving them millions of dollars that could be used to secure the borders or help the poor in our country. I am for calling in all the debt other countries owe and for cutting off any aid to these non-aligned nations that can take the handouts the US gives them and stand up and bad mouth us.

Danny Glover - I guess there will be no more money going out of my hand to rent one of his flicks.

Beverly said...

Thanks for the report. I think I stuck my head back in the sand again. I've been turning away from news lately.

I graduated from that ultra-conservative Christian university in Greenville, South Carolina. Back in my day, the founder was still living, and he regularly spoke in chapel. He said it right, "Someone needs to push that UN building over into the Eat River." He said that back in 1960.

Anonymous said...

Well said, indeed. Hear! Hear!

I think Rangel and Pelosi are "coming out" against Chavez but reading The Anchoress I'm less impressed than I hoped to be.