Saturday, September 16, 2006

Just Another Day In Paradise

Hubby left for Wyoming this morning, after my appearance on the C-Span program. Ha! He called a little bit ago and landed in Salt Lake City. He has rented a big ole SUV for the 200 mile jaunt to the rig site in Wyoming. He called while he stopped at a convienence store for something to drink and snack on. It's snowing and sleeting there! Holy cow. I told him to take it easy on the road, he's not used to those conditions. He may be a native Hoosier, used to heavy snow and all, but he's been a proud resident of the South for many years now.

Check it - I'm watching a marathon of Dog, the Bounty Hunter on A & E this afternoon. Just started and I happened upon it by surfing, trying to find something to pass the time with as I putter around, laundry and all that fun stuff. I love Dog. That may seem out of character for me to you but if you knew me, you would not be surprised at all.

I hope AC and Mahala, pals in the blogging universe, are watching, too.

Tuesday night his family will speak about the arrests of him, Tim and Leland on a warrant for a catch he made in Mexico 2 or 3 years back. Dog brought in Andrew, the heir to the Max Factor cosmetics fortune from Mexico. He was wanted for many rapes of young women, using the date rape drug and video taping them, too. Real class act, that one. Mexico authorities claim it was against their laws as Dog is a private citizen, not law enforcement. Blah, blah.

Dog's attorney claims too much time has passed now to prosecute them. We'll see how it all plays out.

My guys and I are quite the diverse group as far as interests go. All of us are interested in so many subjects and parts of life. I would be hard pressed to think of a subject to discuss that one of us couldn't be a part of. That sounds odd but true. Never a dull moment.

Max is recovering from his visit to the vet this morning. Son and I took him for shots. Seems he goes every 6 months now for some shot or another. We gave him some happy pills before the excursion and he was a good boy. Our vet gives him the vaccines through nasal application instead of so many individual shots in the rump. He doesn't like it but it gets right into the bloodstream that way, as the vet tells us.

About to get some rain. I told hubby to send down some cooler, drier air. We could use it.

Justice for Dog, Tim and Leland... Hold that thought.


srp said...

So now your a celebrity! ;) My mom watched QVC and her big thrill is talking to the hosts on the air. However, (and I promise it was not my fault) she has discovered eBay... OH! MY! I think we will have to blame the CPAP she has started using. When she had severe sleep apnea and had 400 episodes a night and was so tired all the time, she would get up late and take a nap as well as go to bed early. After using it for just two nights, she isn't tired. So she started spending more time on her computer and one thing led to another and she is fascinated by eBay.

At least with eBay and her penchant for collectibles there is a high likelyhood that she WON'T win the bid. Dad can always hope.

Good luck on that cool weather. It is going to be sunny and almost 90 today. This will mean (along with our two inches of rain the last few days) that the figs will swell and ripen and I should pick them again. They taste great but I hate picking them.

Beverly said...

I passed by Dog the Bounty Hunter after reading your post, but I didn't stay there long enough to get interested.

We've had a lot of rain here in our corner of Florida. It's a good thing we haven't had a hurricane, I think we'd all be floating away.

Its Me - AC said...

I just learned that Tim Chapman is not a blood brother!!