Thursday, June 12, 2008

Blogging the Republican Party of Texas Convention

It's been a terrific day. I've been to the Republican Party of Texas Convention. It's taking place at the George R. Brown Convention Center right here in downtown Houston. I am happy to be taking the opportunity presented to blog about the State Convention with the benefit of media credentials. Today is the opening day of the convention, so I was present at the press conference for the Convention Kick-off with speakers Tina Benkiser, Republican Party of Texas (RPT) Chairperson, Vice Chairman Dr. Robin Armstrong and Texas Victory 08 Chairman Roger Williams. Lots of local media and state media were there.

I first met a fellow blogger, a friendly black conservative man and he also blogs for Senator Cornyn. I spoke with another writer who was with the kind of renegade group I find interesting, a group that sends delegates to convention from the county level instead of abiding by all the state rules. She was telling me about some confusing overlaps between county and state levels of representation. Seems some of the delegates were denied floor admission.

I met and enjoyed a little visit with a reporter for the local NBC affiliate, who concentrates on all things political and blogs for the news station. She is a very friendly and approachable black woman who got a bit of a chuckle out of the fact that my son would rather have been attending last week's Democrat convention in Austin than the one today!

Did I mention my son was with me? Yeah. I requested media credentials for him to be my intern. My son inherited my passion about politics and current events. He plans to study communication and political science as he enters college in August. He took photos for me and kept me company. Tomorrow, instead of my old school non-digital camera, he'll have his digital camera so I may upload some on this blog tomorrow evening. He did a little of his own networking. He was able to hang with a college junior from UT as he was taking photos, too. My son's school is about an hour south of Austin and he told my son he'd heard of his school and that it's a good school.

The convention's theme is Conservative Values, Common Sense. I'm all about common sense, so I was happy to hear that.

Dr. Robin Armstrong , Vice Chair of the RPT, was interesting. He's a youngish black man and rising star in the state party. He is a medical doctor in Galveston and surrounding area. He gave a positive talk about the state organization. During the Q&A part of the press conference, he was asked the stereotypical question - how does he deal with questions from friends and colleagues about his Republican party membership and activism. That reaction from liberals is all too predictable. They still think black conservatives or black Republicans are a myth. And, in conservative Texas? How can that be? Oh, brother.

Chairwoman Benkiser praised Senator John Cornyn, our state's Freshman senator (for whom I voluntarily blog) as having an "amazing impact" in Washington, D.C. so that was good to hear. He deserves the recognition. His campaign office presented my blogging opportunity and I was happy to accept. It's here in my city and also a good mentoring opportunity for me to give to my son.

Tomorrow promises to be the best, for me, day of the convention. Tomorrow I'll be able to attend a press conference with Newt Gingrich before he does a book signing. I love Newt. After that, I'll be able to attend a press conference with Senator Cornyn. I'll look forward to what he has to say.

Also tomorrow, Mike Huckabee will be in attendance and then Mitt Romney will be there for the evening press conference and speech to the convention. Romney will be sent to represent John McCain.

And, despite my son's political preferences, he admitted to me that he enjoyed the opportunity today. He even asked to take photos again tomorrow for me.

That's my boy.


Jennifer said...

Very cool for you, Karen! I know it must have been a thrill. And what a great experience for your son to take into his college career.

My husband would be very jealous of your audience with Newt. He's a believer, of the first order. Thinks Newt the only one capable of being president.

Karen said...

My husband has a man crush on Newt! He's bummed he has to go to the office instead of crashing the place tomorrow!

Nikki said...

How thrilling Karen. Thanks for sharing your experience and it is so great that your son has inherited your passion. My son has inherited my passion for listening to music way to loud! haha but he is only 10 and has guest blogged for me a couple of times with much prodding...:)N

AC said...

This is fantastic, Karen, both for you and your son. can't wait for the photos.

Anonymous said...
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