Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Senator John Cornyn Leads the Way

Senator John Cornyn (R-TX) has a common sense solution to our need of lower gas prices. On a day when Republicans successfully blocked incredibly irresponsible legislation in the U.S. Senate, I am particularly grateful that a Senator representing me in Congress has a good head on his shoulders. Had the Boxer sponsored 'climate change' nonsense passed on a vote in the Senate the price of gas at the pump would have easily risen by a dollar a gallon, probably more. She was trying to tax gas, oil, coal, and your mother. Typical Democrat knee jerk response - no real solutions, just tax the Americans out there paying the bills.

Senator Cornyn believes that government should just get out of the way. Our need for more energy requires the ability for producing our own. We need more domestic energy production and a strong, free market. Not only would employment continue to be strong in Texas, it would finally begin a departure from our dependence on foreign oil.

For over 30 years, we have heard nothing but 'no' from the Democrats. No new refineries, no discussion on nuclear power plants, no commitment for the coal industry, no to drilling off any coast but the Gulf coast. All of these 'nos' have come to bite us and now we suffer the effects of supply and demand, as the developing countries like China and India demand more and more of the available supply.

No one wants environmental damage. Oil companies have continued perfecting drilling methods that are ocean and ground friendly. There are strict governmental regulations to protect our water and soil and that is good. Continued research and development into alternative energy sources also come from the oil industry.

Making the oil producers into the enemy solves nothing. Taxing, suing and investigating bogus claims of price rigging doesn't move us forward. Taking away profits from companies like Exxon Mobil, calling the profits "windfall profits" and reverting to Marxist thought by what's theirs is ours, is unAmerican. We live in a free market system here. Over 60% of middle class Americans have oil stocks in their 401K's. And other retirement investments. Robbing Peter to pay Paul is 1980's failed Jimmy Carter policy. Is that what anyone wants to go back to? Not me, thanks.

Over at Bookworm's blog, she has an excellent link to a post by Gerry Charlotte Phelps about the oil business. Phelps rightly points out that here in America, we have no oil giants. Even Exxon Mobil, while our biggest U.S. oil company, is only 18th in the world. It is way far down on the list, of which the top 17 are all government-owned oil companies. Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Venezuela, Mexico, all countries she points to.

Democrats are reaching for feel-good pandering to voters in the upcoming elections. They have no real solution. They are so beholden to special interest groups that they can not see the light. Or, at the very least, admit the truth.

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srp said...

If elected Obama will certainly send us over into a full blown recession with his increased taxes. His taxes may not overtly tax the low income people but they will hurt the small business and all business that hires workers and this will be felt in lost job opportunities for those low income people. I see the welfare rolls expanding exponentially. I think Obama has the "Robin Hood" complex.

Have we figured out where we could move to get out of our collapsing country? We may need to start watching House Hunters International more religiously.