Wednesday, June 11, 2008

For Obama, What is the Definition of Work?

Throwing yet another associate under the bus, James Johnson has left the postition on the VP selection committee for Barack Obama. As more evidence came forward in the press that Mr. Johnson is the very type of political insider, lobbyist, and quid pro quo kind of person that Obama tsk-tsks on the campaign trail, Obama was asked about the story. Obama said, he didn't vet all of his committee members, even those who are tasked with recommending a Vice Presidential nominee. It is true, Obama can't be expected to vet everyone involved in his campaign. But this Johnson is not just any committee member. He was chosen by the candidate.

Johnson has assisted Democrats for many years in tasks such as Vice Presidential recommendations. He even suggested John Edwards to John Kerry as recently as 2004. The main problem was that, other than the lobbyist part that Obama so piously turns his nose up at for everyone else, Johnson was alleged to have been given sweetheart deals by his friend, the CEO of Countrywide Financial - a person who Obama has personally pointed a righteous finger at as an example of a bad CEO within the mortgage foreclosure blip.

Obama says to the reporter who had the nerve, for once, to actually ask a serious question of the candidate of choice of all media all over the country, Johnson didn't 'work' for his campaign. He's a non-paid volunteer. How ridiculous was that answer? Paid or not, volunteers 'work' for campaigns and this guy was picked by Obama to select his Vice President.

How many times are the voters to fall for this pattern? Obama, when questioned about his noticeably poor judgement of people, intentional or not, always responds the same. First, deny that the facts present are true, then it's not what it looks like, then the person isn't the person Obama thought he/she was, then the person is out of the campaign.

When McCain purged his campaign recently of questionable staffers - those questioned by the pious Obama - he just did it. He didn't make excuses. He didn't deny knowing exactly who these people are or what they do.

Obama, by insisting he be put on a pedestal for being better than he is, for being smarter than he is, for being a better judge of character than he is, and by the press accepting this demand so blatantly, he is shown as the hypocrite that he is. He is someone running for President with the thinnest resume in recent history, someone who would not be the candidate if not for his race and liberal white guilt, and someone beholden to the failed ideas of the 1960's and 1970's including some truly troubling associations that Obama considers completely innocuous.

He's a politician from the south side of Chicago. Enough said.

There is no change. Not even any hope of it from him. Only better delivered speeches from the teleprompter.


Layla said...

I am from the South side of Chicago and people there have a work ethic. Remember Obama settled in Chicago for political reasons only. He is nothing like real Chicagoans. He is an utter disgrace Karen.

Nikki said...

Dick Morris predicted this when the initial "commitee" was chosen. Nice going Obama...ouch. :)N

Z said...

I just read this in an article stating that Obama's suddenly picking up the female Hillary voters:
"37 percent who said it was "time to have a president who will focus on protecting what has made America great."
are they NUTS? As if Obama KNOWS what made us great? As if he THINKS we're great? (NOT!)

His work right now is LYING, POSTURING, Mischaracterizing himself........good job, Obama.

Beverly said...

Race and liberal white guilt...that sums it up well.