Friday, June 13, 2008

Blogging the Texas Republican Party Convention, Part 2

Today's highlight, for me, was the press conference for Newt Gingrich at the Texas Republican Party Convention. I'll put up some photos later as I get the time to work with my son, the photographer.

Drill here, Drill now, Pay less. The theme of Newt's advocacy for the convention. Several supporters of his organization, American Solutions, were present by invitation and wore the t-shirts. There is a petition on the web site with 680,000 signatures so far, in support of demanding Congress do its job. A video has been launched today made with Chuck Norris, Gingrich said.

The key is to recognize our country is at a crossroad. Real change, not the Obama kind, has to be made to compete with rising powers like China. The goal is to force Congress to do its job to pass fundamental change through legislation. The legislation, in specific, would deal with drilling for oil. In Colorado, for instance, shale oil available is 3 times the reserve of Saudi Arabia.

"Windfall profit tax is utterly stupid." Why is Congress hoping to tax American oil companies when the truly big players are the government owned oil producers of Saudi Arabia, Venezuela, etc.

Gingrich praises various members of the Texas delegation in the House of Representatives and both Senators Hutchinson and Cornyn, as supportive of the American people, working to increase supply and decrease the high prices at the gas pump.

"It's not a red vs blue issue, it's a red, white and blue issue."

To punish the financial speculators and lower the price of a barrel of oil immediately, American Solutions suggests selling off one-half of the Strategic Oil Reserve with no notice. The bubble would burst and speculators would lose money. The point is, don't bet against America.

Don't bet on continued American stupidity when it comes to domestic oil drilling policy. Demand Congress do its job.

My son secured an excellent spot and took lots of photos. He shook Newt's hand. He said later that even though he doesn't agree with Newt politically, he admires him as a person in politics.

The lines at Newt's book signing were amazing.


Z said...

WOW, that is too cool, Karen!
I hope you enjoy the next day and report on that, too! You're out 'eyes'!

I'm eager to hear what you think of Huckabee tomorrow..I just heard he's been hired at FOX as a consultant. (big surprise, what else would he do for $$$?!)

Enjoy!! and thanks for the coverage!

Karen said...

Huckabee gave a speech to the convention today, but no press avail. I have to admit I have never liked him much and the fact that everyone else but him was available turned me off even more.

Even Romney did a press avail this evening and a terrific speech as the keynote tonight - a representative for McCain, who will do a video for the convention tomorrow as his schedule doesn't permit him to be here.

I have a huge crush on Newt so it was a little slice of heaven for me!

Nikki said...

This drill now campaign is really getting some legs! Let's hope it pans awesome for you to get to do all this...I have a crush on Mitt so that would be thrilling for me, Newt not so much, hehe :)N

GrEaT sAtAn'S gIrLfRiEnD said...

Tough to find anyone in the real world who doesn't want to drill. Hope it takes off soon.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I just can't agree with them that selling half the reserve would matter, we'd have to replenish quickly until Iran is settled. A lot of drilling is needed with some incentives for alternative energies and increasing refining capacity.

Freadom said...

Awesome. I am jealous. I love Newt. I think he is one of the greatest Americans thinkers of our generation. Thanks for the report.

Karen said...

The refinery capacity in this country is crucial, too, you are so right. I hear that North Dakota has approved a new refinery to be built. It'll mostly refine Canadian oil - did you know we get a large part of our oil from our neighbors to the north? It's true.

Paul is a Hermit said...

I know they have a huge amount of shale oil. Tough to get, but how much more expensive can it be?

Seriously? We've finally got an approval for a refinery in this country? Wow!

Debbie said...

I have been impatiently waiting for the American people to finally get fed up with the left, stand up and be heard.

I never guessed that gas prices would be 'the thing' that would get Americans united.

Drill Here, Drill Now is spreading like crazy. We may see a revolution yet.

Debbie Hamilton
Right Truth