Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Cornyn Leads in Polls by 16 Points

New polling shows the Republican incumbent Senator, John Cornyn, running 16 points ahead of his challenger, Rick Noreiga. Noreiga was recruited by Democrat activists to run for the Senate due to the fact that he is an Army veteran and a member of the Texas Army National Guard. Plus, he makes a fine team player for the likes of the Democrat leadership in D.C., even as he bashes Cornyn for 'rubber stamping' the agenda of the Bush administration.

Noreiga was a member of the Texas State legislature when he was called up to serve in Afghanistan after 9/11. His wife was his replacement until he came back. She is now a member of the Houston City Council.

According to his web site, Noreiga is running to "dedicate himself toward restoring integrity in the U.S. Senate". Hey, I thought that was what was to be accomplished by the Democrat takeover in the 2006 election.


Nikki said...

Hey I have seen some blogs that are claiming a "blue" Texas this year, whats the local buzz? :)N

Karen said...

I think Texas stays red, Nikki. We have a Republican governor and our two Senators are Republican. I think Cornyn will be re-elected. Kay Baily Hutchinson is not going to run again for Senate re-election when her term is up but will probably run for governor.