Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Senator John Cornyn Supports Military Families

If you are a Texas voter, you know we have a race for the senate re-election of Senator John Cornyn. His opponent has spent his time criticizing Senator Cornyn's support of the White House backed version of the G.I. Bill improvements. The worm turned in favor of the version sponsored by the White House and rational leaders like John Cornyn recently as the House voted 416-12 last Thursday to add transferability to the bill.

As I've noted before, the main difference between the bill introduced by Senator Jim Webb and the bill supported by the White House and other strong supporters of military families, like Senator Cornyn, was the issue of transferability - the option of transferring G.I. education benefits to a spouse or children of the G.I. if the benefit is not used by the military member. Senator Cornyn grew up in a military family. Cornyn's father was an Air Force B-17 pilot and a German prisoner of war. Cornyn supports the mission of providing as much flexibility for the families of our military and encouraging retention of troops.

Rick Noreiga, running as a Democrat for Senator's Cornyn's seat in the Senate, shamelessly campaigned on his criticism of the bill that has now been sponsored by even the Democrats in the House of Representatives on Memorial Day weekend. While John Cornyn was attending a funeral of a fallen hero in Texas, Noreiga was making mean-spirited remarks to glorify himself as he campaigned.

Texas needs a Senator like John Cornyn, who puts politics aside and votes in favor of families, including military families, not another Democrat who is simply interested in his own personal ambitions to the determent of our voluntary military force.

I support Senator John Cornyn. Senator Cornyn looks to long term solutions, not the quick, easy short term.


Z said...

Karen, your site is such a fountain of knowledge and info we rarely hear about, and I READ A LOT. Thanks for this information.
People like Cornyn need bragging on. God bless him and our troops and their families, whom I think suffer as much as our troops do in so many ways.

Redrocket said...

Cornyn is voting for the GI Bill, but is thinking about military families as well. The white house and democrats already agreed on a new bill that Cornyn supports. Cornyn is working hard for my family, and I fully support him for what he's doing on the hill. Cornyn fought for benefits for child and supposes, which Rick doesn't support!!

Im not falling for this democratic spin and rhetoric anymore!!!

Cornyn is running a clean campaign. He is continuing to patiently vote in the best interest of his constituents, no matter what Rick Noriega tries to bash him on.

Rick Claims that he respects the chain of command, but to bash a man that looks out for children in the military is as slimy as you can get.

You can't even admit when your wrong!


Karen said...

Good to know you'll be voting for Cornyn. Tell your friends.