Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Obama Finds Bitter Voter Man

Senator Obama has finally found one of his bitter Americans to hold up to the public for all to see. I think even Obama's millionaire fundraising guests to whom he referenced bitter Americans may be able to relate to the example. It's Al Gore. Al Gore is an example of a bitter American clinging to religion (but flunked out of Vanderbilt Divinity School),and guns (ran as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment rights as a politician from Tennessee), while going into the family business (tobacco farming) before following Daddy Gore's career into politics, as Daddy Gore made a fortune with the mentoring (and cash) from the oil baron of Occidental Oil.

Now, Al Gore has denounced the tobacco farming as his sister died of lung cancer, insists we listen to his brilliant opining on global climate change, and is fabulously wealthy from investments in the 'green' technology he demands be ramped up for all.

Gore endorsed Obama yesterday in Michigan. Obama is catering to the Michigan voters since he ignored them during the primary process. Not to mention that McCain is ahead of Obama in the polling of this battleground state. You may remember the Obama campaign trotted out John Edwards for his announcement of endorsement there, too.

Al Gore lost his bid for President in 2000 - his third time trying for it - but he sure found a path to fame and fortune with the willing followers of his global climate change proclamations. He was counting on all that goodwill from his loss of Florida in 2000, those on the left so gullible to anything labeled 'crisis' and feeling good supporting their guy Al. He wuz robbed, you know.

From The New York Times, "When I am president," Mr. Obama said, "I will be counting on Al Gore to help me lead the fight for a clean energy future here in the United States and around the world." Wow. So now Al and Barack are going to green the whole wide world.

Quite the pair of arrogant, self-absorbed politicians. Every last thing in their world is all about them. There is some real change for you.

Senator Obama, still beating the dead horse that is his protestation of the war in Iraq, dating back to 2002 when he was in the Illinois legislature and didn't have a vote on the matter, said Iraq was "a war that Al Gore understood should never have been authorized and never should have been waged." However, for the conveniently short of memory, in 1998 The Iraqi Liberation Act was presented to Congress by then President Clinton and VP Gore. This is the Act referenced when the Senate voted to authorize President Bush to proceed with a resolution on Saddam's reign of terror in Iraq.

"We know that he stored secret supplies of biological and chemical weapons throughout his country." 9/23/02

"Iraq's search for weapons of mass destruction have proven impossible to deter and we should assume that it will continue for as long as Saddam is in power." 9/23/02

Both quotes from Al Gore.

I truly do hope Obama continues on with his reasoning on Iraq and bringing along others with him. All elections are about change. George Bush and Richard Cheney are not running. Obama is incapable of doing a speech without referencing the present administration, as if they were on the ballot and as if John McCain has been their 'rubber stamp'. The Obama campaign is going to have to step it up if they want to succeed against the McCain campaign.

Opponents of Obama are active and vocal. The nation is still split almost evenly. The race continues to be polling even, within the margin of error.

Change is good. But some voters have a different idea than Senator Obama's vision of America. We intend to oppose Marxism at every opportunity.

Yes, we can.


Jo said...

I hear someone has told Obamassieh to take up smoking again to influence those in the middle states who smoke ... OMG - they actually believe that people who smoke are not going to vote for, or for, someone that smokes or not? How shallow they think of us.

Z said...

Wear a flag pin or not?
Salute the flag or not?
Smoke or not?
Suppport your grandmother or not?
Deny your pastor or not?
Support Israel or not?

Is there ANYTHING authentic about Barak Hussein Obama?

Oh, ya........all that BAD stuff the public isn't hearing......z

Nikki said...

If there is one politician I could rip on incessantly it would be Al Gore. He is such a huge creep. You hit the nail on the head. Self-absorbed arrogant narcissitic individuals in love with themselves. :)N

Beverly said...

When I heard that Gore had endorsed him and that Obama would be looking to him for his "wisdom" I just about threw up. Then I read in Newsweek this morning that Kerry would like to be secretary of state. Scary.

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