Friday, October 30, 2009

Cheney Endorses Kay Bailey Hutchison for Governor

“I am so pleased. I respect the former Vice President so much. We’ve worked together. He knows my record as a conservative in the Senate.” That was the quote released by Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison upon the endorsement of former Vice President Cheney of her bid for Texas governor.

Some may say this is no big deal. The fact is, it is. Former VP Cheney is a respected conservative and strong proponent of the Republican party. "He knows her and he knows she's a true conservative leader." That quote from Jennifer Baker, Hutchison's spokeswoman. Perry's camp would have you believe it is just one Washington insider endorsing another Washington insider. Sour grapes.

As she remains in Washington, she is fighting for Texans. Kay Bailey Hutchison is fighting against the current legislation on climate change in Washington - the bill brought forth by Senators Kerry and Boxer. The bill, "Hutchison siad, will tax and regulate our energy industry, and it will not help the environment." She has joined with Senator Christopher Bond from Missouri in releasing a study that shows fuel cost could "increase $3.6 trillion from 2015 to 2050 under a House-passed climate change bill projection." That from a blog on the Houston Chronicle website, Texas on the Potamac.

Senator Hutchison is fighting to bring more jobs to Texas while in Washington, too. She recently strongly fought for expanding Fort Bliss in El Paso. This will bring an additional 90,000 jobs to El Paso. Mayor John Cook said, "Many times we have asked for funding to help us deal with growth, but were shot down because they wanted data. Well, now we have it." According to, "Most of the jobs will be in education and the medical field -- and, of course, jobs in virtually all fields."

The Perry camp has problems enough of its own. On October 27, 2009, an article on explains that the Houston Chronicle has sued Perry over a clemency report. This is concerning the case of Cameron Todd Willingham and his 2004 execution. Perry claims it is a privileged document and it involves the controversy of Perry and the replacement of members of the Texas Forensics Commission. The question is , was Gov Perry covering up an investigation of Willingham's innocence?

Texas deserves better.

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