Sunday, October 04, 2009

No Olympics in Chicago

Off Team Obama went to Copenhagen, trying to win the bid for the Olympics in hometown Chicago. Taking two jumbo jets, loaded with assorted spokespeople, the star attractions were Barack and Michelle Obama and their good friend, Oprah Winfrey. Who knew it would explode so quickly and badly?

Off Team Obama went to Copenhagen. Valerie Jarrett was there, cheerleading for the home team. Little goes on that ole Val doesn't have a hand in. First Barack said he wouldn't be going to Copenhagen to make his plea. Then, as last minute jitters set in and thoughts turned to the fact that maybe Michelle really wasn't the best person for "closer", Barack swooped in and was to save the day. How could the international committee possibly say no to his charisma and charm? He's not George W. Bush. He's the good guy.

Off Team Obama went to Copenhagen. The pleas from Michelle and Barack were personal ones, stories of their lives in Chicago. How embarrassing. The Obamas - narcissists supreme - thought the world wanted to hear all about how fun it would be for the Obama family to headquarter themselves in their home in tony Hyde Park and be able to just walk out their front door and head to an event or two. The Obamas thought it would be prudent to hear how much Michelle likes sports and the ones she's played.

Off Team Obama went to Copenhagen. Chicago was bumped out of the running in the first round.

So, the climate change alarmists from the Obama administration took two jumbo jets - did Oprah take her own? - and created a large carbon footprint to and from Copenhagen. The trip was a quick one and we were to told what a sacrifice it was for the Obamas to make it on behalf of Chicago - oh yeah, on behalf of America, too. They were doing it for you, average American, not for payback to the Daley machine to which they are both deeply indebted. Why would you be so cynical as to think such a thing?

The spinning machine began. David Axelrod, super marketer from Chicago, began the rounds of television interviews expressing his disappointment. These things happen, we were told. Senator Roland Burris said it was George W. Bush's fault since he made everyone mad when he was President. Can't have the first big failure on the international stage be owned by President Obama. Burris is still in blame Bush mode, as is the administration. When will it be the Obama administration? We were told about all the other world leaders who went to make bids for their countries, past and present. All fine and good. But Obama was the first American president to make the plea and he failed.

Team Obama let the lead player down. They didn't do the ground work, apparently. It would appear that they are still stuck in the image of Obama as world savior. Just his mere presence will be enough. Obama used up a lot of political capital for selfish reasons. Obama smiled and charmed before the world. The world yawned.

Wake up, Mr. President. It truly isn't all about you.


namaste said...

well said, karen. all of your points are insightful and spot on!

i have never seen such a big ego as the one on barry. like you said, he's got a reality check to consider: it is NOT all about him.

The WordSmith from Nantucket said...

Chicago was bumped out of the running in the first round.

I guess Obama didn't bash America hard enough, this time around, and actually was motivated to say a few nice things. [/joke]

Chicago should be glad it didn't win the mess and corruption that is today's Olympics.

hire said...

well Chicago and President Obama both has missed the chance.

Tom Degan's Daily Rant said...

The right wing is positively giddy that the United States will not be hosting the Olympics. Seriously, has it dawned on you yet how utterly despicable these people are? I was just wonderin'.

The main goal of the GOP these days is to insure that President Obama's administration is a complete and utter failure. They want to see as many Americans as possible suffer in the next three years, thus, ensuring that they will be able to seize control of the executive branch in 2013. If the president succeeds in making life better for his countrymen and women, they fail. It's as simple as that. Mitch McConnell, to his credit, always looks quite uncomfortable when he is forced to justify policies as atrocious as those being put forward these days by that hideous party. But Cantor always has a serene, angelic smile on his face whenever he is forced to defend the morally indefensible - sort of like last week, at a Town Hall meeting when he told a woman whose mortally ill relative had been left bankrupt by her medical bills that she should rely on charity. He seemed so content with himself. Quite strange really.

Tom Degan
Goshen, NY

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limo said...

Lets see what'll happen in 2016.