Saturday, October 24, 2009

Roy Morales for Mayor of Houston

Early voting in Houston continues through October 30. Today I voted and I passed out literature for a candidate. Or, I tried to pass out literature. The traffic of early voters was very slow. This is indeed a strange election.

I endorse Roy Morales for Mayor. Morales is a strong conservative and has a proven ability to organize and work with others well. He is a fiscal conservative and that is important as Houston faces some hard economic realities.

I endorse Pam Holm for Controller. Holm is a former public high school teacher and a business woman with a strong financial knowledge of successful and ethical accounting practices. She is fiscally conservative and willing to make tough decisions as the city moves forward.

At Tracy Gee Community Center today, as I stood waiting to pass out literature, I saw Congressman John Culberson, Harris County Republican Chairman hopeful Ed Hubbard, and various politicians running for office. There was a ceremony to unveil a commemorative plaque andthere was a good size crowd in attendance.

The current Harris Co Republican Chairman sent out an e-mail last night endorsing Roy Morales for Mayor. He wrote that the committee met Monday night and voted to make the endorsement. My first thought was, why the delay? The chairman encouraged the reader to go out this weekend and early vote. Seems to me a more timely announcement would have been made as early voting began, not toward the end of it. Morales is the only Republican running for the office. Though the office is suppose to be non-partisan, the voters know the score.

This election cycle has been odd for several reasons, mostly that it is so quiet. Politics can get rowdy in Texas and this mayoral race, in particular, is almost too civil. Too polite. The first negative ad recently appeared and this was immediately noted for its tone. The ad stood out for the sour tone.

A low voter turn out is expected. That is a pity. Houston is the nation's fourth largest city. Informed, motivated voters are vital to the city.

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